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3 Things Manufacturers Can Do In The Absence of Trade Shows w/ Joe Sullivan


Many manufacturers rely on events to generate pipeline. What do you do when events shut down?

On this episode of the podcast, I share three tangible ideas for reallocating your marketing budget to keep a steady flow of leads coming while trade shows can't help you do it.

  1. Make the shift from brochure marketing that's all about you to genuinely helpful content marketing that's about your prospect.
  2. Market to your existing customers. Your email list is gold.
  3. Learn how to do video based prospecting. It's a lot easier than you might think.

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So many manufacturers rely on tradeshows to generate pipeline well. Here we are headed into Q, four and lookingahead to two thousand and twenty one wondering: When will all these inpersonevents be back and when they do come back, will they be as valuable as theyonce were? Welcome to the manufacturing executivepodcast, where we explore the strategies and experiences that aredriving midsize manufacturers florward here you'll discover new insights frompassionate manufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share abouttheir successes and struggles and youwill learn from BTO B sales andmarketing experts about how to apply actionable business developmentstrategies inside your business. Let's get into the show, welcome to another episode of theManufacturing Executive, podcast thes show is being brought to you by oursponsor cadinus part solutions, I'm Joe Sullivan your host and a Co founder ofthe Industrial Marketing Agency Gerilla. Seventy six, obviously two thousand andtwenty is presented a lot of challenges and among the biggest of thosechallenges that I've seen in the industrial sector is that so manymanufacturers rely on trade shows to generate pipeline. Well. Here we areheaded into Q. Four and looking ahead to two thousand and twenty onewondering: When will all these inperson events be back and when they do comeback, will they be as valuable as they once were? Well, they draw the samecrowds that were used to wete, be distancing efforts in place that willmake them feel different, less social. Do we want to invest at the same levelthat we have in the past and what kind of ry are we going to get on theseshows anyway? Well, regardless of how big or small you are or what IndustriesYour Business touches. These are probably the types of questions you'restarting to ask if trade shows have been part of the mix for you so today,I'm going to do a solo cast just me,...

...drawing on my conversations that I'vehad with manufacturing leaders since things got crazy earlier this year, and I'm going to share my best advicewith you about three tactical things that you can physically do to replacethe whole in your marketing. Ind Sales, funnel that's being left by the absenceof trade, shows in the foreseeable future, at least how you can do some ofthese things in a way that mitigates the loss of face to face humaninteraction, that's really difficult to replicate outside of inperson eventsand how you can use technology to make some of this less intimidating. I'mhoping this is both helpful and actionable for you, so let's jump intoit back in March, as the covid situationreally began to take shape, I wrote an article titled. While the world isupside down, seven things, sales and marketing can do. Six months later. Idon't have to tell you to consider shifting your production lines tomaking hand sanitizor face shields, but a lot of what I published in thatarticle still really applies so for the purpose of this podcast. I've condensedmy list of it. I'm going to run you through three tangible ideas for how toreallocate your marketing budget to keep a steady flow of leads coming,while trade shows can't help you do it. So, let's start with number one here.The first one is make the shift from brochare marketing. That's all aboutyou to genuinely helpful content marketing. That's about your prospect.The bottom line, Isthis your prospects care about themselves, so we need tostop talking about ourselves. Instead of saying this, we sell the world'sbest. Blank here are some of the incredible features blank blank blankblank and blank? Also, our competitor, our customer service is on Parallele.You've, never worked with people like ours and or competitors a bunch ofphonies. Instead of saying that, let's do marketing. That sounds more likethis. We help blank achieve blank when they're struggling with blank or tryingto achieve blank, now build your marketing strategy around those things.Instead of filling your website and...

...your social media channels andbrochares and outbound emails with typical propaganda about yourself, I'mtalking about genuinely O, creating genuinely resourceful content thatanswers the most common questions, your prospects and your customers haveaddresses their most common problems and helps them achieve their goals.This type of content is so powerful because it helps you get found insearch engines when people are out there. Looking for help with thesethings, it helps you earn their attention and their trust, and it opensthe door to sales conversations so think about who knows your customers,the best inside of your company, your engineers, your sales professionals,your account managers, the people on your team who interface with yourcustomers every day are typically the ones who understand them. The bestthese experts on your team see your customers problems and their challengesin action. All the time so have conversations with them. Learn withthose problems and challenges are tap into their brains and pull out theamazing insights that are stored up there interview your experts turn thecamera on. If you can and then record, your interviews using zoom publishthose videos on Youtube, break them into smaller videos and use themorganically, on linked in or in other social channels, put a budget behindthose same small videos using linkeon or facebook until the platforms to showthose videos to people with these job titles from these types of companiesand these geographic regions. With these interests, transcribe your videos using atranscription service like speech pad or revcom and publish the text in yourblog, her hand that texts to a professional copywriter and let themturn it into a written piece of content, break down that long formed text in alittle snippets that you can use in emails. The possibilities really areendless here, but the biggest point is that you can't fake great content. Itall starts with your company's experts and what's in their brains, people, you can build your entiremarketing strategy. On this platform, I...

...guarantee you that, in its simplest form, all you're reallydoing here is one focusing on your best prospects to creating amazing contentthat helps with the things that they care about the most and three gettingit in front of as many of those people as you can, through inboundthroughoutbound and through paid media at Gerilla. We built our business onthis strategy. We do it for ourselves, we do it for ou clients and it works. So if you want to learn more about howto extract expert knowledge to create content, I recently interviewed oursenior Copywrihter Toby Wall on this podcast and he breaks down how to do itrecommend listening to that episode. Okay, so that's the first thing that wecan be doing here in the absence of trade shows and without being able tobe faced to face with with customers and prospects and make that shiftfrombroshare marketing to genuinely helpful content marketing. So let's goto number two of three on this list of tactical things that you can do, andthat is a market to your existing customers seems like a really obviousone, but it's often overlooked lowhanging fruit. I'm often stunned bythe answers I get. In fact, when I talk or when I ask these two questionsspecifically during strategy workshops, wof new clients, one, how big is youremail database and to how are you currently using it for marketing andAnsweris to that? First question usually go something like this. Oh Idon't know. Maybe we've got two or three thousand people in there. Bunchof them are stored in people's outlook accounts and then the typical reply toquestion number two. Well we're really not doing a whole lot with email. Wesometimes send out an eblast before a trade show which, as we're talkingabout now, aren't happening to. Let them know we're going to be there ormaybe we send out a press release from time to time. But I guess my point hereis that your email list is gold. I mean we're talking about people here thatalready know you and for many of you they also like and trust you already.This really is low hanging fruit. So...

...let's go pick. It try delivering anemail twice per month, making use of that same amazing content that you're,creating that we were just talking about extracting those insights andknowledge from your experts. That content doesn't have to be just used toattract new people and generate new leads. It's often just as relevant forthe people who already know you and like you, and it's a way to buildadditional trust to stay top of mind. You know delivering an email fice amonth of being an inboxes o your context regularly when you'reddelivering genuinely valuable resources, it's a very differentexperience for them than you being in their inbox with press releases and allkinds of stuff about you. The latter is, what's probably, isgoing to generate unsubscribes and eventually will help you find your wayinto their spanboxes. The former. You know this idea of actually deliveringvalue and insights on a regular basis is often welcomed with open arms. Butyou need to be helpful. You need to make it about them and study you andyou need to create value y. u do that the lesson we're going to take a thirtysecond breather here for a word from our sponsor cadinus part solutions.Let's talk real quick about getting specified. Are you a componentmanufacturer? Maybe you sell architectural products to parks orlarge facilities, engineers and architects need models of your productsto test fit in their designs. That's where cadinus comes in to help youcreate a dynamic, sharable, cad catalogue. You put on your website.Designers can preview the product from any angle and download it in the formatthey prefer. They get the data they need for their design, and you get afresh lead to add to your marketing pipeline to get one of your productsturned into an online thred model for free use, the code executive at part,Solutionscom, executive, okay and finally, number three. Thethird thing that I'm going to encourage... to do here in the absence of tradeshows this one's kind of for you, sales folks is learn how to do video basedprospecting. This is actually a lot easier than you might think if youthink about five years ago or so, sending a talking head, video ofyourself and a sales out reach email, probably never even crossed your mind,but here we are in two thousand and twenty and the tools we have are bothaccessible and idiot proof and, frankly, they're really cheap too just a few months ago- or I guess weHoul say earlier this year. At this point I wrote a thorough and reallyunintentionally, well timed article titled videobased prospecting and easybut comprehensive guide, and I would recommend checking that out if you, ifyou would find that helpful or this, if this topic interests you more, it getsinto the weeds. You know the fine details and the tools and technologyand some strategies and tips ar on that. But in the meantime, here's a quicksummary for you, so free or very inexpensive software tools,my preference being loom. You can go to loomcom. There are other tools likesoapbox and VIDEYARD BOMBAMB is one I've been hearing about a lot lately.There's so many tools like this that let you record yourself and or yourscreen right from your browser, you literally click a button and chrome,and you start talking and and these platforms will host the videos for you.So all you need to do is just push the button start talking say what you needto say: Copy and Pacte the link right, Ino, your outbound emails. So what moreimportantly, though, is the strategy here and the thinking behind why wewould use a tool like this, and so I'm going to give you three reasons whyvideobased prospecting makes sense. For my perspective, the first one is thatvideo breaks through the clutter when everything else in your prospects inboxis long form text. Your video message is immediately. Different. Second thingis that video humanizes you this one, I think, is super important. This is aplace where you can make up some ground...

...that is lost by not being able to be inperson with people. The way you used to be on a regular basis, or at least inthe short term at least while we can't be traveling to trade shows, but youknow video humanizes you when the recipient of your email, Seiz your vet,your face, and they hear your voice. All of a sudden, you transform, fromsome guy or Gal behind a curtain of words on their screen into a real humanbeing, and the effect of that impact of that can just be so huge, so giveyourself. You know it's not going to make up 's so going to make up all theground you're losing by not being in person, of course, but it's kind of thenext best thing in a lot of ways. It's going to make you a real person, ratherthan just a bunch of words on screen. Okay, next one. Third, the third thingthat I think video helps you do it lets you say and show things that are oftenhard to do with text. You could walk through your facility. You could film aa Selfie of yourself or walkingto. Your facility is showing your equipment inaction. You could rescord your screen sitting at your computer and point outwhat competitors are doing by having the screencast going on their website.You could hold up a product in your hand, depending on what it is that yousell and tell them about it and a problem. It solves you have somethingphysical there in front of you, so those are few reasons why videomakes sense. For my perspective in the prospecting process. Specifically inthis outreach process, you might feel some technology antimidation at firstand that's normal. I felt it myself the first time I used it for sure. But youknow the hurdle is a heck of a lot smaller now than it was a few years ago,and you know I think you can consider yourself lucky in that sense hot. Wehave these tools available at this moment in time, so take advantage ofAmye a pioneer there in your space, and you know one thing to mention: here'sstage fright might set in when the camera starts rolling, but no one'swatching your practice rounds. Remember that give it a a few practice roundsbefore you do a real one and then is it.

Is it now a good time to be courageousanyway? While all you know the world is really upside down and there's we'vegot to be thinking differently and trying new things Wi. Let yourself geta little uncomfortable and I think videois a great way to do it if you're not sure how to build a listof prospects to physically deliver these videos to check out the articlethat we published earlier this year, titled four ways to build your ultimatelist for cold outbound email and that one all of these resources, I'mmentioning, will link to in the show notes and you can find in our learningcenter at Garila. Seventy SIXCOM LARN, okay. Well, that kind of sums it uphere. I hope this was helpful kind to keep it short and sweet. Give you sometangible things that you could jump into and start working on. If you'd,like clarification about anything, I've said here, please feel free to justemail me, joe at Gerilla. Seventy Sixcom or message me on Linkedin you'llfind me if you just look for Joe Sullivan, the Gerrilla evty sex onLington, and I encourage you to go to our learning center or we do our verybest to practice what we preach: Publishing purely resourcefulindustrial marketing content, at least once a week, so gerilla seventy sixcomlearn. Finally, I want to say a big thank youonce again to our sponsor cadinus part solutions for helping make this episodepossible. That'll do it for today I hope to catch you on the next episodeof the Manufacturing Executive. You've been listening to themanufacturing executive podcast to ensure that you never missed an episodesubscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you' like to learnmore about industrial marketing and sale strategy, you'll find an everexpanding collection of articles, videos guides and tools, specificallyfor B to B manufacturers at Gerilla. Seventy Sixcom Awarr. Thank you so muchfor listening until next time.

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