The Manufacturing Executive
The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 1 month ago

Advancing the Manufacturing Community by Banding Together w/ Marc Braun & Jonathan Jones


Founded in 1985, the Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and advancement through tech.

With over four thousand members across the globe, it’s a uniquely powerful force for the evolution of manufacturing.

Our guests today are manufacturing experts, laser-focused on creating a courageous culture and fierce advocates for transparency:

- Marc Braun: Executive Coach at MDB, Chairman for the AME, former President of Cambridge Air Solutions, author, and volunteer.

- Jonathan Jones: Consortium Facilitator at AME, CEO Peer Advisory Board Leader, executive coach, author, and community leader.

In this episode, we’ll dive into:

- Building relationships between companies and sharing best practices

- How transparency encourages employee pride and engagement

- Creating the right culture to develop leaders

- Growth is not a riskless adventure

- Accelerating the speed of innovation

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