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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 2 weeks ago

How to Solve the Technology Hesitancy Issue in Manufacturing w/ Erik Nieves


You hear people talk a lot about a labor shortage in manufacturing and automation and robotics are a great way to tackle it. 

Not just to replace jobs — but to find more workers. 

If only we could get over manufacturing’s technology hesitancy problem. 

Today’s guest, Erik Nieves, Founder at PlusOne Robotics, can help you do just that. That’s because, in his years of experience in robotics, he’s seen a solution to every excuse for why automation won’t work.

In this episode, we discuss:

-The problem of technology hesitancy (and how it hurts smaller manufacturers more)

-How to build a strategy around automation

-Whether there really is a labor shortage and why, if there is, robots can help

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