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Beyond What's in Our Brains: Introducing The Manufacturing Executive Show w/ Joe Sullivan


I like working with people who get dirty building stuff. That's why I'm committed to serving the industrial sector by producing resourceful, helpful, and objective content.

In the past two years, I've written 50,000 words of content, or about a whole business book, to help manufacturers figure out how to grow their businesses. (That was just my writing; my team of 18 people in St. Louis produced a lot more.)

So it's a natural transition to ask: What other media could we explore to publish these insights? That's how we came to launch The Manufacturing Executive, our podcast to help leaders of manufacturing companies grow their businesses. We bring in voices from outside our company to talk about their successes, their struggles, what they've learned, and what's working and what's not in industrial marketing and manufacturing sales.. 

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... so leaders of manufacturing companies, CEOS and presidents, VP's of sales and marketing, people who are in the trenches trying to grow manufacturing businesses. Welcome to the manufacturing executive podcast, where we explore the strategies and experiences that are driving mid size manufacturers forward. Here you'll discover new insights from passionate manufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share about their successes and struggles, and you'll learn from B tob sales and marketing experts about how to apply actionable business development strategies inside your business. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the introductory episode of the Manufacturing Executive. We're here today with Joe Sullivan, a cofounder of the Industrial Marketing Agency guerrilla seventy six and the host of the show. How's it going today, Joe, going great and I'm excited to get this thing off...

...the ground. Absolutely. We're going to have a lot of fun today talking about what this podcast is going to be. To give everyone a bit more context, my name is Kelsey. Course, I'm one of the producers of this show and today we'll be talking about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump into that, Joe, tell me a little bit about yourself and about Girla. So I would consider myself a consultant to manufacturing organizations on sort of the marketing and sales front. My Agency, Grillis empty six, I co founded with my business partner, John Franco, back in two thousand and six, and we have sort of evolved over the years. It was probably, I don't know, maybe eight or nine years ago we sort of officially committed to working specifically with midsize bdb manufacturers. You know, our earliest days we were sort of, you know, an agency serving anybody who is ready to write us a check, and we we found very quickly who we were best at serving, we liked working with,...

...who we could actually produce results for, and we decided to kind of just own it and brand ourselves as an agency specifically in the industrial sector. So we've been doing it ever since. We've built a team of, at the the time I'm recording this, eighteen people, all based in St Louis, Missouri. And Yeah, so here we are today. That's phenomenal. Tell me a little bit more about why you guys wanted to start this podcast. Sure, so, you know, it's four years really ever since we sort of committed to serving the industrial sector. We we have also been committed to producing resourceful, helpful, objective content that is literally just there to help manufacturers figure out how to grow their businesses. So a lot of sales and marketing advice, a lot of it's been in written form and and it's really we've really picked up content production the last few years as well. I think I personally have written over fiftyzero words of content in the last two years, which is about a book, about a business book, and so it was...

...sort of a natural transition for us to say, well, let's what other media could we explore here to sort of publish these insights? And then the other thing was most of these insights have come from inside our company, a lot of my own a lot of different experts inside of my companies, strategists and, you know, copywriters, journalists, people who have sort of different skill sets in the marketing world that could be applied to manufacturers. But what we wanted to do here is bring in voices from outside our company, so leaders of manufacturing companies, CEOS, and presidents, VP of sales and marketing, people who are in the trenches trying to grow manufacturing businesses. Let's bring them in, let them tell their stories, let them talk about, you know, their successes and their struggles and what they've learned and what's working and what's not, and be able to share that with their peers. And then we also wanted to bring in others who maybe consultants and sales or marketing in the BB world. That can also bring, you know, perspectives from the...

...outside. So making this less about just what's in our brains and more about, you know, everybody else out there who has can bring something to the table for our audience. I love that and I feel like that will really resonate with your listeners, hearing stories both internally and externally, bringing in those people. That's really cool kind of what listeners can expect as they're tuning in. And if a listener wants to connect with you, if they have got ideas for topics, guests, episode ideas, how can they connect with you? Sure so I always direct people to gorilla seventy sixcom learn. So that's gorilla, like the Animal Geour Illa sixcom learn. This is our industrial marketing strategy learning center. It's essentially a never expanding Bank of tools and articles and resources and now pod casts, that are all there to to purely educate and help. So I was always send people there. If you want to click connect personal you can fill out the request of consultation form in the top right corner of our site. That goes directly to me, and then I'd also...

...encourage you to find me on Linkedin. So just look for Joe Sullivan. Guerrilla seventy six and built a network there and publish a lot of content there's as well, so that'd be the best way to get in touch. Awesome, and that actually wraps it up for our introductory episode. Joe. We'll be taking over the rains for episode what in beyond. Thank you so much for tuning in today and I'm really excited to see this show grow. It's going to add so much value to your listeners. Super excited as well. You've been listening to the manufacturing executive podcast. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you'd like to learn more about industrial marketing and sales strategy. You'll find an ever expanding collection of articles, videos, guides and tools specifically for B Tob Manufacturers at gorilla seventy sixcom learn thank you so much for listening, until next time.

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