The Manufacturing Executive
The Manufacturing Executive

Episode 122 · 1 month ago

Brains Over Brawn: How to Keep Boomers in the Workforce


Although the physical labor Boomers can provide in the manufacturing workforce has diminished, we cannot ignore the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table with years of experience in this industry.  

Will Healy III is a founding board member of the Advance Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP), whose mission is to connect manufacturers, educators, and workforce partners to evangelize the positive outcomes of manufacturing careers. Will has more than 16 years of experience in various discrete production industries, including assembly, food and beverage packaging, welding and stamping. In this episode, Will talks about how to retain Boomers in the workforce.  

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why we should invest in people-centric technology 
  • How can we keep our Boomers around and empower them 
  • The importance of diversity in the manufacturing workforce
  • What actions Will would like to see the manufacturing sector take to shine a light on the great things happening in the space

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