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Episode · 7 months ago

Building a Manufacturing Community Online w/ Sam Gupta


If you want to build thought leadership around a product category, you need to create a community. The longer your sales cycle and the more complex your product, the more critical your community.

But how do you build a community around your product and not around yourself?

In today's episode, I talk about the keys to success on social media with Sam Gupta, Host, Community Builder, and Founder at WBSRocks.

Here's what Sam and I discussed

- What an online community is

- Different platforms for building community online

- Focusing on your audience's problems – not your product

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If you understand the innunances of ofeach platform worts as opposed to winning after every Tan of Tet, youwill be far more successful in social media. Welcome to the manufacturing executivepodcast, where we explore the strategies and experiences that aredriving midsize manufacturers forard here you'll discover new insigdts frompassionate manufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share abouttheir successes and struggles and youill learn from DTO B sales andmarketing experts about how to apply actionable business developmentstrategies inside your business. Let's get into the show what visuals does the word communitystir up for you? Maybe families in your neighborhood congregating, kids ridingaround on their bikes and playing in the front yards or maybe gatherings atyour place of worship where people share common beliefs and values in theworkplace. It could be the culture built inside Your Business where peoplegenuinely enjoy working together and helping each other learn and grow. Ourcollections of industry events where people with common interests and skillscome together to periodically share experiences and ideas, but what aboutonline? The term social media is appropriately named because over thepast fifteen years, or so, the types of communities that were used to in ourphysical world continue to be mimiced in the online media space. Now, just tobe clear, I am absolutely not advocating for the replacement ofinperson interaction with Interaction Toh, our smartphones of computers, butit doesn't have to be one or the other either and frankly, it shouldn't be soI'd ask. but You keep an open mind through this episode, as I speak with aguest who has figured out how to do exactly what I'm talking about.Building a manufacturing community online Sam Gupta has been an ERPthought, leader in the digital transformation space for nearly twodecades, with the primary focus on financial systems in Erp. Sam has beena part of large transformation initiatives for Fortun five hundredcorporations, but now spends his time consulting with SMEs as a principalconsultant at elevate, Iq, SAM's, deep expertise in manufacturing value chain,combined with cross industry. Expertise enable him to have higher success rateswith the digital transformation initiatives in the manufacturing,distribution and retail industries. Sam has been involved with startupecosystem in the last ten years and has experience in building and growingbusinesses from scratch. Some regularly speaks at industry conferences andcontributes his experiences through many popular blogs and publications. Yealso host a podcast called wbs rocks focused on business growth throughdigital transformation and Erp, where he interviews top influencers andexecutives from ERP supply chain, digital transformation and accounting.Sam Welcome to the show, hey thanks for having me joe super excited to be hereand sopxcited, to talk to your fun lissners great well, Sam, I was a gueston your podcast wbs rocks a while back shortly after you were launching it,and I wanted to get you over here on the manufacturing executive for anumber of reasons as well. But I have to start by saying that over the pastfew months, I've seen you everywhere online. You seem to be just kind ofblanketing the manufacturing space with your presence nd, and that alone isreason to have you on the show, because you've got something figured out onthat front. You're all over my linked in feed you're all over club house.Some of our listeners are probably starting to become familiar withclubhouse o there's not and Weewe're, going to talk about that a little bittoday, but you're always creating content. It seems in conjunction withother really smart manufacturing folks, which is you know something I'm a bubigadvocate for so, and I think that's a good lead into the conversation today,because really really what I want to talk to you about today is building amanufacturing community online Sam. You and I had a conversation a week or toago to prep for this episode, and you said something that jumped out to me.Your comment was something along the lines of it's the job of sales to buildthought leadership around a product category. Your community is a way tohelp. You do that. So I was wondering if you kind of unpack what you meantwhen you said that Wellso, let's go back and talk about just the parductsand the technologies and how the oral the products and offerings are percivedin the sers wor, because you know. Obviously I have been involved with alot of long sale, Cycle D and very complex product rid, so people taughtall the time about. You know what my offering is very discuptive, myoffering is a so cool, but end of the day when you look at from theperspective of a C for or di eperment right, they pytically speak it as youare trying to solve my pom now. How disrupted that is. It isn't reallyadded to e as okay in their mind, they are thinking that you are simply tryingto solve a problem, so let's so get some of the anaffecting products hat.We tyical se right now, if everybody's...

...trying to solve the problem, so thereis no sense of differenciation, I guess in the product, even though you want totalk about new differencition all day Bu, you know, customers don'tnecessarily care for the deferensiation, but one of the differensiation is goingto be really around the tougt Meteshir, because what tustomers are looking todo is they are looking to make a very infortant decision around a product andoffering so that they don't necessarily have any sort of finance UESS. I meanthat is always going to be ther biggesst problem that okay, if I unerspending they find the let's say the executive or thrfor or tecens we eoselsoff right. If I'm putting a check off unded thousand dollars, then I need tothink about okay, whether I'm Goi to get some sort of our wife Rom this,whether I'm going to get some Venu from thes O. that's why the port leadershipanddits pretty its super important. Now, let's talk about community now, basedon the kind of things that we have seen from the social medio perspective fromthe podcasting perspective. Obviously, there is a little bit of play here fromthe marketing perspective that this whole notion of he thought redershit isgoing to grow in next four two five years. Now, why is thot leadership,andtiginity building so important? Now, if all the products and of things aregoing to be similar in their positioning, howdy Defensiv, one of thebase of the SA share is going to be really whowe sort of the toutleadership and help you customer shol blow okay, so, rather than simply beingappendered to a corporation. What you are trying to do in case Ofa communityis, you are literally helpping your custommerh Clo, and now this growthcould be in terms of education. Hi could be in surance of theintroductions. It could be in tence of finding the leash or you cusme, andwhen you do that, what is going to happen now, you are almost thercustomer, as opposed to being a bender. So this whole notion of community isvery powerful because you are helping your customers from many differentperspective, and this is what is going to happen. Mhen Ye do that yourcustomers are going to come to you and going to ask you advice more theproduct that you are going to sell right, and what are you going to dobecause we're always likg Tho sellit product? Now you have created youcommunity and thought leadership. So what you are going to do? You are goingto obviously a educate, your customer. That was you goal to begin with.Majority of the PA companies mean they all want to educate their cestonmer.They all want to talk to Deni Presonas. Nobody wants to baste time right, butin this particular case, since you are building the cmedy, you are bining ethought leadership. You become be trested adwiser for a product for andoffering there. You are going to be consulted before the customer goes andtalk to any of your competitors. So that's why this notion of community isvery powerful. I don't now IAM yeah, I'm going to ask if you followups for you there, because I think that's a that's a really good start,but diving a little deeper there. Like I'm thinking back to a conversation Ihad on my podcast just last month with our strategy director at Gorilla,Matthew, Shinala and Matt was talking about the idea of the we did episodetogether about weaponars and how to how to run out of Webanr for a manufacturer,and you know one of the things he talked about was neutralizing yourproduct and creating thought leadership around the product category rather thanyour product is frankly, nobody cares about your product, they care aboutthemselves and what they're trying to do so. A few things AF follow ups Haasgoing to have for you here you know was wonderng. If you cul talk a little bitabout that, because I know you're a believer in that concept to I saw younodding like how do you go about selling in a way, or you know, buildingcommunity around a product category that yours happens to fit into, so thatit's not just about you? Let's start there right. So obviously, as youmentioned, the neupralizing, the Pitchnequ to be there, because you knowwhen you go to an educational seminar or if you go to the university right,you are not going to be talking about TEOC. You are going to be talking aboutcose right and I'm pretty sure you are a follower of mebut as well, and hetalks about these things too. I mean from the from the Google prospectiveright Ontsu, so what he he poacees. Let's say if you are creating a blonk,if you're simply creating around your Portec, then even if that is not a ferspace, it will come across assis. So what do you want to do is? Rather theysaying you know what I'm good at this this Tas this this? What about you talkabout top and products in your category, and you mention your croduct and theposand fons of that right. Then you become slightly more objective in youapproach in idion poaching that no, you are trying to promote you, N, veryprobecause. You are going to pit somewhere. You have some thorgt ofcomparatie bit one day that, for you are subviving you visit everybody doesat so when you create this piece of Ponten, whether it could be Performar,Lov or Webin, Arof Cabouson, it doesn't matter, the form does not matter, butyou have to mutilize you wetch. Yes, the PORTOC category is important, butmore important is the problem that the...

...customer is trying to solve. Okay, the.If you form you convenssation around the problem, then what is going tohappen is you know they are going to have? Let's say hundreds of questionsaround ooking. Let's say if I am considering a part for a car right.What are the questions that I'm going to have with respect to the form factorwith respect o the pill of the qrodect with respective okay, whether if Iinstalld this part in my wacal or Matr, okay, how's that going to perform- andI go to have some sort of find intendence because of that insuationhows going to be Decemey, so these are going to be some of the questions thatyour customers are good, you hare. Obviously they are going to havequestions welatit to your on Offand, how you are positioned as a company but,more importantly, they are going to have questions about okay. How can Ibuy this product? An He Qote me that, okay, if you can create your contentaround that coaching Pese, that, obviously that content is going to bepowerful, you are going to be considered as he toet adviser. I willtell you one more story: Dont how to find a topic around these things. So Iwas talking to one of these menufactors. He actually does a lot of work in theold for Tesee of SPEEC. Okay, so this apply is teel to thesection of pasethey supply to great companies. You know we are really in the steeldesiness. Now, let's say if you're trying to create a community around colform speep- and this is a conversation I hav with him- it's just hard becauseyou know, even though you are newtoliking sort of your pish, you arenot really talking about yournothing, but the TA Gat Audiencis, very smallright. So if you simply talk about the gold, my or form steel, I don't knowhow exciting that I's going to be so you need to extropolate that, okay,what can I for the conversation around my buir? So let's say, if I don't knowif the opperations manager or they feel Super Viter, they are important, intheDecei, making you need to Vea content along their neets and that is going tobe around okay. Let's say if I have te supervisat: okay, what are theenquestion? That person is going to ask when he starts is or her job every day,and if you can answer Tho those questions. One thing this person isgoing to do as they are geing to subpice to your podcast. The secondthing they are going to do is: they are Goin to Supprit to your Bo because youare literally oping, then ow wit, he creatte Ta Job Light, and once you dothat you are going to sit in their mind always of any time they are going tohave a question. Obviously you are positioning your conversation aroundthe community around the concept and then ye do that. You sit in their headBil that position, so in my case, thepwbs rocks. Everybody knows its Empe,so everybody knows okay evrytime. They have eally thing about Erp. They Hareprobably going to think about thebs. They are going to be thinking about SanGuta. So this is how the community works. Okay, community, the nosion ofcommunity, is very powerful reating. He topic around the specifics ofdectonatal. Expertise is very powerful in finding the topic, as opposed togoing just byte. The prot at of for that kind of product categories are soslightly better, but I would suggest that you know weed around the concert.Maye. You can read several topics yeah. That was really well said, Sam. Thereare a couple things that you mentioned in there that that stood out to me. Youknow one of them early on and UNYOUR response there when we were so of talkgabout that a idea of neutralizing your product. I, like the idea of whenyou're talking about your benefits and like the pros and cons, is the way youphrase o the pros and cons that you're talking about not only your product,but others in you know the competition right, because here's the here's, thereality like you, your what you sell, no matter who you are, is not right foreverybody. It is right for a you know. If you, you have a very tightly definedideal customer profile and you understand the buying processinfluencers and the things that the people you're trying to reach careabout. If you know that really well well, the more you can, if you can justprovide objective, honest information about you know, this is right forpeople who fit this description or have these problems ar trying to achievethese things, and this over here is right for people who have theseproblems, and you know this is the description of them and when you can beobjective about that, what I have found, because I have a very nich businesslike we serve midsize BB manufacturers who sell capbacks equipment throughlongsale cycles. Like that's H, w you really work with, and so when I talkabout the things that matter to those people, well people who fit thatdescription say. Oh my Gosh! That's US everything! You check, check, check,Chack Chack, those are those are us and the people who aren't a fit. They say:okay, yeah, probably not the best fit. I get that, but that's a good thing,because you wind up, you know, building credibility in the process of justhonestly stating who it is that you do business with and who your best atserving and then people who aren't a fit. You are incredibility with them toand they're probably likely to refer you when they see somebody who is so. Idon't know I'll, stop there for a second to see if you had had any buildsthere, but at that's just kind of something. You said that that stood outto me yeah and the only thing I'm really going to add. There is when youhave that that focus approach with respect to either the industry orcommunity. Then you sort of become connected use, por of Becan theDeotinten inos pace. So in you example,...

...let's say you know, you are focused ona pretty spencific indas me and we focus on very specific Industri as well.We don't like to be take that Cooki catter approach. You know Te ideythingfor activily. It is 'tr right. So when you are corrected in a very smarlcommunity, as you had mentioned towards the beginning of the conversation, lhetIAM actually hanging out with some of tpgs inwers ar in the menfact, and thereason why they are hanging out with me is because they like to see what I'moffering to ther it actually op them with their own personal grow and that'sthe reason why they are ain. No, if I try to Letat, publish my contentrelated Monday construction, Munday matter of actuling, the second dage wefood, manufacturn, then okay, who are you, shall I be hanging out with you. So everybody just cares for themselsandimy, as as soon as sames people realize that right as soon as theyheler the pictures ar anthing tes Yiman. That's how I like to think, because weare involved, as I mentioned, into whard peaging of the conversation thatwe are involved in some of the most complex sale cycles that you can possimhe mass right. So in our case we are selling to literally everybody in thecompany that is Wer to be your goard. It's going to be you exact, fifteen,it's woill to be your your full empoys as well, because if they don't buy an eRe, don't buy the idea of replacing thes software ther. Obviously it's notgoing na go wel right, so we need to create the pictures and we have thestrategy found. Yr Mataric perspective we to find the sort of thepeporsona andwe are going to see that you know how both is going to resonate, but each ofthose personas and becre the pitteres around that, even though it's a semprodect, it's a same offering okay, but the pitches are good to be completelydifferent. So we steady okay. What are these guys hare for from the resimebecause they are going to have their goals and based on them they are goingto perform. That's Thei Bey job and they are not successful in ther thetheir job. then. Obviously they are not going to be excited about anything. Themore you killer, the experience towards thin the more the pitch will resonateand that's why this whole notion of the community and then finding Oulige isalso very important. The way you said right so as if you are hanging out tinew your community, you will get tons in tons of repors, which Exaso yoursort of the Ip like you are simply doing just thes seals, Oroun bom sales,it just you know as soon as you sand that email atthing as you make the callyou are done. That's a Sun cose for you right, that's Aspein! FOR YOU H! Youare not never going to sort of get that back, but in case of let's say, isyou're doing: inbone marketing or or Community Sen, ECAN Esutin. This isalmost going to be your Ip that is goeing to sit there for you all ways,and that is going to give you the long, Cherm wichar based on this effort,because you are always going to get Resol Fon, these litful neiforts yeah.That's that's a good, build, ther, Sam and know. I wanted to come back aroundto one other thing. You said a few minutes ago, which is you mentioned theidea of extrapolating based on the things that your audience cares aboutand that that really struck me, because it's exactly what I'm trying to do withthis podcast and we you know when I think about who Garill I'm, who mycompany tries to reach. Well, there's there's the C suite, there's the theCOS and presidents and bps of sales at at manufacturing organizations, andthen there's also the marketing folks, the marketing directors, marketingmanagers CMOS those types and so like we use this platform. I was encouragedby the company that produces this podcast for me, sweetfish media. Whenwe named this, I was I was looking at names like you know, related toindustrial marketing, and they said No. You need to name this. Themanufacturing executive you've told us that your your person, you're trying toreach is a CEO so and you need to make the show about about more than justmarketing, because CEOS ane manufacturing aren't experts inmarketing and if you want to build community with them, you need to talkabout things and let them talk in front of their peers about their things thatthere they are experts at like building a a manufacturing business and hiring,and you know, sales in the manufacturing, space and technologyaround robotics and automation and Industry for Pino, and so so. Basically,you know: We've used this platform, the manufacturing executive to buildcommunity with manufacturing, executives right and then on the otherside, I have you kno. My Marketing Team, led by Matt, who I mentioned earlier,who's running a recurring episodic, Webinar series called industrialmarketing live, and that is not for manufacturing exectives. That is forthe marketing director type, and we have you know over two hundred peoplewho attend these things. Every you are subscribed at least probably fifty oten every every other week to and there's a community building therearound the marketing folks and manufacturing. So I really like theidea, though, of sort of extrapulating and not just zeoing and n, the thingyou do, but the things that matter the most to the people you're trying toreach yeah exactly and it's it goes with any marketing. I guess right Imean you know if you try to Zeo intoo much, that could be a problem, but ifyouare too broad that could be a promer as well. So it's sort of the art ageing Ma, so you need to figure outthe idea focuse that is going to be the right fit for you, so that you haveyour community mean you don't want to talk with like a it's, not gonna, WorkRight, yeah! Well, see. There are a few...

...platforms I want to get into here inparticular linkcon and then clubhouse, which the for the former is familiar.Probably to most listeners the latter probably to few to be honest, but butbefore we go there, one other thing I just want to ask: You was: can you justjust for contact for anybody who's kind of sitting here? Thinking like okaycommunity, I'm still not exactly sure. What like can you make commute the ideaof community a little more tangible, like what are different ways to buildcommunity online and specifically in the manufacturing space, so yeah, sothe be I like to define the community. Is it's going to be around the subject,so we have already discussed that you know it as soon as you find your topicas soon as you will pill, your audience, okay, whois Gill, to be your ICP. It'salmost like his starting a company. To be honest, okay, the way you start yourcompany in in this party Goo case, the focus is belly, beslightly, moreeducational, but you have to do everything from desens and morpenyperspective. The way you would do for a company, so here you need to find atopic on which you are geal to be focusing on. So that is going to beyour quonten sen right and then you Leede to find your idea. Tustomert,okay, who's, going to be the audience that is going to be and now in thecommunity. And then you have to create several that point and that's where theconversation about channel is going to come in right. So I difically don'tlike to Pik all of my ex and one basket right. That's how I am okay, I'm notgoing to say that you know the Clubhousis scool ero face moke schooler,or maybe you know Tu to schooler for me, okay, where is my audience? Hang Ogun?What are they doing there? How can I targate them with the right messelingthat works on the platform? That's what I am personally trying to figure out.So then you need to find these channents, okay, buout these channelsand sometimes what is going to happen as you are not veryfying to Noverlef.So let's say the people who are hanging out on Lindin. They might not behanging out oon totet the people who were hanging out on clubhouse. Theymight not be hanging out an leter just because they don't find it cool right.So once you create your messing now, you need to tall it from differentchancs and you need to beate the community. Now some people might beconfused that you know what it's I a pougteadership. Isn't it just thacontent sadenly that keere talking about okay? What is so different aboutcommunity the real difference between a community and the and the regularthought leadership or the contel strategy is in this particular case.You were really meeting them on a weekly Lis. You are caring from them.You are sort of becoming thes super connecter. You are making lets, say:Thost N, Twenty Five intos on a day this just to how people are okay. Youare not even thinking about it, so you're spending a lot more kind andthirs is more. You would probably do when you go to it. Pre chose Wat, Imean in Creat Shos. I have spent my life in going to piatuse the or okayINTA o people. Don't necessarily fetch okay, they like to talk about beer. Hey,like I rot about friendship. They ta Yo ack about conversation, so you areliterally creating that that relationship right. You can do the samething. Virtually is Wat. Okay, you can elat these engagements fon differentchannels make sure you are contenously engaged within multiple challents andyou have elding the meal Baly in their lives better. I it is going to be okay.Can I go? I you backlis. Can I provide you some sort of content apolity sothat Etwi Yo out you with you BAGOP? Can I help you get a job? Yokay health,Yo San, your products? Okay, the more you do for the community, the more youincurate, your your community members to serve the community. Then the moreit'll come back me. I don't know if I'm making sense right now. You areactually and you're kind of answering your question that I want to to ask Iat some point here, which was you know. I've heard you talk about the idea ofbeing a super connector and that's kind of what you're talking about your, andI see you doing this on linked in usually when you post something nowanybody who's listening here, go go first of ell go follow or connect withSamon Lingkton, but he he does a really good job observe his posts. I noticeyou always tag a lot of people and you know when sometimes when you see this,you think you're just trying to get your content in front of more people.But I, if you look at how Sam does it you're very intentional about who youchoose to tag on a given post, because that content has some relevance to themor you think they could add to the conversation. Do Ant t talk about thata little bit yeah? Definitely so, let's talk about the the straty about he thecontent and why this matters right. So again, it's the basicils one of one, inmy opinion, right. The whole idea of sales is not really toich ets to stayon. You T to much mind all that time. Itt is that's what I was tought when Igot into sace right so now, how do you stay on your customer mind right? Youcould do e post things number one. You could be calling on a beekly basis. Youcould be emailing them on a bky basis or you could be touching them throughsocial media, so one of these prategy that or he could bececatlly needin theintroduction, as I mentioned, deing our contesaion Amortins O character. So inmy case that reason why I like to follow this concect op wit, thecharacter and by the May discom from a book- and this is there's a book alsoto connector right, so he Equa despliked this concept ofsuperconnector in a very detailed fashion that BA super correcters liketo think and work is they are very enterprising in their troach, the waythey think rhiht, so what they are going to do. Is They? If, let's SA, doyou come to me and you are asking me...

...for a favor okay, I'm going to thinkthat you know what jocame to me. What can I do for Jo so that you know numberone? It's obviously going to out to as well and then it is going to hop Jo,remember my name all the time that Sam and done something for me quit so incase of super corrector. What you are doing is you: are tenly three dayconnect? Okay, so you are connecting a person an now. I may have nothing to dowith this connection. To be honest, anticlly basically cite because I maynever be selling my offen to be Siks, but what I'm doing is Kay, I know Joeand I also know a manufacturer who might be looking for- let Sadimarketing out right now. If this person comes to me okay, he might have Aseid aquestion about something. So what I do is I do very etededit and synogisticinproduction. Okay, so, for example, to you are taggeting your manufacture sit.Now there might be another vender who might be targeting menufactures as mallif you collaborateed on Ye with my paing efforts, you basal and Gintogether. So these are the kind of intoduction I always Mak, and becauseof that, directally cals me with the ECOMMUNITY building and that's aconcept of super connectic. These super correctors are are very resourceful intheir approach. They are always thinking of okay. What can I do for mycommunity? What can I do for my network and obviously the people who understandthe refor, bays eleation sense, the people who understand how thessuperconnected works? They are going to come back to you. We are going to carefor you as well, because they care for your intoduction and that's why you seethe lovt community as soon as I post, O Linden, who, my goodness, you are goingto see two hundred lights on my cose and the reason like they are liking isbecause you know the aren getting real interruptions, I'm helping them withtheir buse Te, the you know, itthe engaged, but Ett a markeing company ora fiels company. These companies will charge them. I don't know, maybehundred dollar porly two hundred dollar for beed, and this is really a freeintroduction for my Sigem, I'm Otn Bak. So what is going to happen? Next, Imean. Obviously we do care for me because you guys they don't care for meDi not be Iportin to thet, that's Al! We Ar wo right yeah. I think it's really goodSam and I think there are you know. I think you know that sort of approach is, it can be done authentically and it canbe done in authentically and you see it Happenin bothways and ithink you're agood example of somebody who is clearly authentic in your methodology for doingit, you're very thoughtful about you know the connections you make and youkind of describe it. Okay, like W, you know Joe, and this person they kind ofserve the same audience. I wonder if there's some collaboration they couldhave. You know, I think the thing you said that stard at the most was youdon't expect anything in return, and I think if you go in with that mindset,you're going to build trust and credibility and and you'r become morelikeable, because, frankly, I didn't know you, when you reached out to me tobe on your podcast and I saw the way You'ere using linkdon and taggingpeople constantly, and I didn't know what to expect frankly but ye. I got toknow you a little bit through just through your content and observing whatyou're doing and their conversations leading up to this, and so I really, Ithink, you're a good example of how to do that in a way that will naturally,like you said it's, you are building an audience by doing that, you're buildingrelationships with people you're not asking for anything in return, but as aresult of doing all this and helping the community and looking o how to helppeople your you are going to get something in return. You know it IDwill happen incrementally over time, just naturally yeah and one thing Iwould like to add ther and sometimes when people are starting on thisjourney for the first time they became to invested in this approach right andthey might not be expecting anything in return and they might be going after.Everybody think would not advise that approach because end of the day, we allneed to sell something to be able to feed our families right. So you reallyneed to be mino off your Tine as well. So what I typically recommend as Chi,let's say: sixt forty APPAR sevent, thirty AGAD erequenly appoved with ThiPeu fie. Eighty percent for seventy percent of time need to be in Sil pocustwety to thirty percent of the time need to be slightly more long term.Then you are not telling your relationship right so balance your time.If you're too invested, you will lose it. You are not going to appreciatethis. Okay, you will see whol my goodess an Disi time on Lindon. It'snot working out, I'm not making any money. It doesn't work that way rightso Balin. Se Ba is the name of the game really great point. I'm glad glad youadded that there, because you know there has to be everybody's, got salesquoters to mee if you're in sales, like you have objectives you need to meet,and some of that stuff is going to require a little more hart hittingapproach and prospecting and all that, but I think the way you describe it isreally good, where the type of stuff that Sam is talking about here on thispodcast just for our listeners is, is correct me if I'm wrong Sam, but atleast from my perspective, a lot of it is a long term play. This is building.You know a brand of a personal brand for yourself, it's building a brand,for you know the organization you work for within the community that you're apart of in the business world, and it's... shouldn't expect that Thi stuff isgoing to pay off in a month or even a year sometimes like this is you aretrying to build thought leadership and a position of expert in your space, andyou got to be doing the stuff side by side with that. That's a little morehard hitting right, yeah yeah. So it's almost like teating a company or aproduct or Rd. you know that's a long play so you have to be before you canread the food, so you are not going to. Let's say if you have a sale play rightnow. You are already geting sales from some way. Don't DISUPP that coses,because that's Alea, you are already ceting them. When you start on a newlyshat theyv pry in the thirty twenty percent approach privacy, you know howI can create this channel that is going to Paly in the long term, because thisis onlyy your sixty. Seventy percent the seas, Ou Bom, sis that you might bedoing- that's already us son, O. You are Vasi m because tomorrow let's saythe penic is going to pen Te Mace. Is We e in our case the reason why westarted on this Ehe ar you know? Inbond marketing is because Ar Etero for notwe wo. Okay, we had no thin t whatsoever. So what do we do? So we had to figure out okay, somethingfor the Longter, because I mean this was a very shocking situation for allof us right. So that's why we wanted to reat SIMSOROF IP around our marketing P,some sort of long term play around marketing aiforts. That is going to beus in the longe Yep. It's a really smart move. I think- and I think you'regood example- somebody doing a well in the space so solid, stuff seam. Iwanted to I've been kind of itching on my show here to talk to somebody aboutclubhouse and I'll start by saying, and I want you to I'm Goinna, let you diyou kind of explain what clubhouse is briefly ind. Your words in a secondhere, but I want to start by saying that you know I think your episode isfollowing up the one that I did with Mike Winberg: WHO's, a author of newsell, simplified and sales management, simplified and sales Trueh, some hugebest selling sales book someon the all time list, Don on Amazon for best soingsales books, and he made a comment. He talked a little bit about clubhouses inthe context of you know, there's always the next, the next shiny thing andthere's always people out there telling you. If you don't do this thing and geton this thing, you're going to be a dinosaur and you're going to be deadand IAM, not a I'm hundred percent on board with booth mikes. Take there likeit's, you know, there's always going to be the new shiny thing that you have tojump in, and people are tolling. You've got to do this, and but here's whatI'll say about something like clubhouse like it's. This is a a brand new willnot brand you at this point anymore, a few months in now, whereit's reallygaining some steam. But it's a newer platform. The manufacturing sector isstarting to show up there and there is opportunity there. It's not going to beyour end, all be all or the big solve that changes your business for most ofyou. But here's what I will tell you. I've been spending some time on thisplatform, and there is you know my audience is starting to show up thereand there is an opportunity to be a little bit of a pioneer and get outthere and see if it works. So for that reason I do want to talk a little bitabout what club houses and Sam you're again you're an example of somebody whohas sort of figured out how to make the platform work for you. So I'll stopthere and I you get starht if you could start by just sort of explainingbriefly what what is called House, because ' a lot of listers prober, likeI've heard of this thing, or maybe I haven't- and I don't even understandwhat it. What is, how would you describe what the platform is and thenI'd love for you to get into talking a little bit about how you're making useof it and the value you're saying so? The best way I like to destribe fromhouse is t e best way to think about. It is going to be it's almost liketwenty four or seven live freet shot. Well, he will custum yourself an you no,and this is the best way to talk to them to Entach, but then keep in yourortmugation, because you are not going to find a second lack qorm which isgoing to be Assoalbi flee. That's the best part about clahouse. Soif you go, Toa play show are probably spending five Ensen Doar, you aresetting up DU and there is no guarantee thetes somebody's pet e or somebody'sgonnafo, Ai Insimia concept. It's almost ikeciting up boo around the the experty that youhave so when you go to club house, what you are going to see is on the on thethe own page. You are going to see bunch of topics and anybody who itspresent on clubhouse. They choose this specific intress when they log into theClubouso. For example. In my case, I am going to be interested about anythingrelated to this is a conformation manufacturing. You know anything ineverything, Erp, probably so you are going to be interested in sates andmoding manufacturing right. So you are going to select your interest aroundthat topic and then what the feel is going to do is it's actually going toshow you all the rooms that are going to be Relemento, Gor ines? So it'salmost like live meter. That is happening all the time you can drop inat any point of time. The only thing you really need is a fone and that maindifference between a podcast or the beadcast and the club houses ther incase of clovous I mean it could be...

...borting in your kitchen. You could bebabysitting. You could be, you know, walking on the road. Nobody neallycares to be honest, okay, so that's the beauty of Co house where you areengaging the to o Talng with Cristmas. You are engaging in you community on aregular basis. It's not going to be any easier than that. I don't know if Idescribed the cohouse well here a we have any follow: Quertions Yo Yeah!Well, I'M gonna! I'm going to build on what you said first and then, and letyou chime back in so you know this. So basically, what we're talking abouthere is is an audio only platform. At the moment, it's only available forapple product users, which is a little bit frustrating but yeah, it's kind oflike. I think you describe it well, so it's like a twenty four seven tradeshow theres alwayse conversations happening, I mean there was there areconversations by celebrities. I mean this is the keep in mind. This is foranybody in the world here, but there are very nich conversations happeninglike there's industry for Pointo Club, that is yeah Martin Cloak from a raventelemetry started, and you know that one's guy and gained a lot of steam andtheir conversations happening around in just before plano technology andautomation and things of that nature every day around lunch time and thereare hundreds of people showing up sometimes and that we're going to have.We did one recently about you, know the combating the manufacturing laborshortage and we brought in some a few people. W are in that sort ofmanufacturing hiring space to talk about what they're, seeing and othersthat just joined it and some listened. You can invite people up on stage. Wehad an eighty minute conversation about the manufacturing, labor shortage andhow companies are combating it and over the course of that conversation itwasn't huge, but there were probably thirty to forty people who popped inand out and contributed, and it was a fantastic conversation. It was just soso great, and so you know by doing that, you're connecting with other people inthe space who have interest in this topic. You know I had two of myprospects, sit there for eighty minutes and listen and a few of them chimed inand and they they were part of that conversation, so s great nurturing forme, but it's also by- and I was just a facilitator. I don't know very muchabout the manufacturing Labor shors other than what I hear from the mouthsof my customers. Because I talk to you know: I've talked to hundreds ofmanufactures over the last few years. They are the experts and what'shappening there, so my job as a facilitate the conversation between thepeople, who really are experts on it. So I'm just kind of curious, Sam. I I'dlove to hear how you have been using the platform to build your owncommunity, because that's that's what our episode Deis about is community,and I think this is a really cool way to do it and I've seen you doing a nicejob with it yeah. So one of the things that I do is I'm always doing this Hos,linking which always typically works slightly better, so as opposed tosimply having the a lot of people when they have the clubhouse, they don'treally have their branding. To be honest, in our case, everything is aoblivious okay. So when you Bo across e the channels it just one Hash Tek injust one branding, it's not any differente, so that actually gives asense of community that you are part of sort of Ete wibea spot in myas right.So so that is one thing that okay, if I'm actually on the on the club houseright to obvitv post a lot of different topics that in our case the topics aregoing to be around that Erp Ande coms ight. So my audience is Por EFP, Gould,oe, completelyis and then the audience that INM will to get for for ECOMER. Sowe host many different topics around these two topics, but the the bestection that I get from clubhouse is when I cross promoting this conmediverent platfors, and that is going to be okay. If a lot of people are showingup to your room, make sure that you at that onlyt because there is a way ofproviding them pissibility there is a way for people to be able to connectwith each other, because the limitation that you are going to hit into yourclub house. As you know, U, you don't have a we to sort of Chet or tonnectthey. You know you just had you titter link, you probably have your instagraming, but let's say: If you had a conversation, you want to make surethat what avour community you are building they are able to carry forwardthis com conversation afterwards of what we really do is we do a reallygood job of posting this on Leadin and we are going to be taing, everybodywhois part of the room. Okay, we are going to ppost their pictures on thepost and this actually gets tem visibility. They io at going to seethat you know this person is really engaged in the Communitieis, very wellposted. Let's say if Youre see o you know that helps with your briend thathelp with your job. As well, because you companyis actually getting thevisibalitis, so what we do and that's a Quession, you ask rig Yo. In our case,we are really trying to reinforce the community fom different sense, so fmhouses just one ter. Of course we are not running after every Anyigam, O okay.For us, it's a W to get nindest it's a bay to get new audience. deat may notbe possible, let's say get it through my own person letwork or my companiesthat work or let's say from Lintin, or could this a completely, but we havethe gess open all the time, an the they are asking me the question and one ofthe things that I would advise everybody on Clubhousas, if you have aguess, upin make sure they engage. This... a very social experience. Okay, thatfor the point, there is not really to preach about what you know. The pointthere is to Sotof engage with your audience. Okay, if they have a question,okay, make sure you let them speak any time I mean this is something we do allthe time in our room. An me see if a new guest is going to be there, hebecomes he for Speaer Ol, okay, they are the ones who are actually going tobe speaking, because we want to make sure that they are comfoe. Obviouslyyou want to care for the other people as well, that are Olledy engaged in youcommunity that are Portofi community, but it's always the new people that youneed to take extra car for the more you do, ith the more they will startshowing up every time and the room is going to grow just because they arefinding Valu wit. You know, based on the conversation, this sort of, feel,warn and welcome as Porabe community. They are connected with you becausethey are care for these topics. In our case, our communityies built around LEPrecen copoment, so they care for these topicsif. You are selling, let's saystee or the AUTOMOTIV ports. You want to build your comminity on that yeah,good stuff, Sam. That makes a lot of sense, so yeah, I think manufacturingpeople listening right. Now. It's worth checking out what's going on, I'm clubhouse, but it's just one of many places you can do this. It's just kind of thenew at happens to be the new shiny thing, I've heard in the last week orso linkon's getting ready to roll out their version at some point in future.Here of maybe it will have happened by the time this is live but of a sort ofthe what they're calling a social audio platform so we'll see what happensthere we'llsee if clubhouses the winner in the long term, if somebody elsescoops it up or makes a a version that that crushes it al all to be determined.But I think the point is is really like. This is just another place where youcan build community, you can engage with actual human beings, invite theminto the conversation. It's pretty cool. What's happenning there so we'll see onmy ONA. I want to wrap up pretty soon here, but the only other thing I reallywanted to hit on with you. You know in the early days of social media, whichis makes me sound, like a dinosaur, lready Jeez, but Yeuh O, I'm thirty.Eight years old I was, I was in college when Facebook, like you know, emergedand became a thing, and so I was you know, kind of early, an early user offacebook and of Twitter D in those early days of social media and and thenfor somewhere along the way I just sort of faded away from twitter. I I don'tknow why. I don't know you now. There wasn't a specific reason for it, butive be't heard a lot of people talk about twitter, probably just given thatin so B to be manufacturing Nich recently, and then I was talking to youand prop for this episode. You're like you're, not using twitter inmanufacturing, like there's a lot going on there and it kind of just my earsperked up- and I was I was very curious, so I wanted to knowing that ouraudience here is probably not massive twitter users, my you ow, I could bewrung some of you probably are. I maybe I don't know my audience as well as Ithink I do, but I would love to hear you just talk sort of at a one on onelevel, Sam about how you're, seeing that platform being used and again youcoming back to the steam of building community. Maybe talk a little bitabout how you're using twitter on that front yeah. So cutan is a very uniqueplatform. The way it works right number one thing about tider is their astexare extemely powerful and it's a very open platform as complete T, yourleadin or pluck up so whatever happens on Lindans Teon, whatever happens onClo house o saygon s, he don't necessarily get the R Wy after thesebakimes, but you know in case of Flitter, it's a very open queson. Solet's say if you're triaking about your olten and if somebody's watching thoseaspects and people are telebrated about moching these as texters, because incase of twitter, it's just easier. There is a you know: a people callpaper Doctley a lot of serious people are sile Pillak, PA parentust becausethey want to build their partytion. So what they'll do is thet Y, if you'retweating around a specific cash, and they will include you quantate on thatand then you are real to get a PACR Ling cast part of them and you know Joe,you are marketing Guy Right. You know how these bakinin Te EATSA. In thisparticular case, you are actually going to get a real back mind and that is wet.Ty, be geillevent your Domin, because you are sort of be tight around theastet. Now, let's Gome to the Tita check, Tuge Chet is a very uniqueconcept of frita. To be honest, but a lot of people are aware of that right,but I mean it's been used by universities. It's been used by thesstart of space, so it was a pleasant surprise for me when I discovered thatManufactu intemunity was very imporant, Onte tote chat and there is a SC Qad usa manufacturing, our USA, MFD Hou r is the ASPEC. I guess you know again, lookit up. I may be slightly off here. Maybe you can include that in the shownose. So that is the astet. That is, I would say at least, an ter o twohundred benefacturs Onan world on thes specific has stagand. They are thereall the monthplaying fork right. They are Teil to just promote each othercontent. The way the to Tach at work is, you know, so it's a arean around theColiity, so in a specific time es for one hour. In our case, let a be do thisTara ce around ws woncs, so we are Geng to be meeting at felve o'clock intwenty five minutes right now and we...

...are going to be picking a specifictopic around Tesso, Tann, OT, em or Erp, and we are going to be talking abouthow they can help an affectit. So, typically, you are going to be Atletsafive to seven different questions and everybody simply engages on thosequestions. The only contraint that we have in this Todo chat is going to be aar and that everybody's is using and then at one tas that you get by usingthis specific hesst and or on the Tuta Chateis, because you know everybody whois tweeting around that specific astime is actually going to retreat.Everything that you are doing so, let's say, if you tweet around Srou and youhave a Hig Stek called Manufecin, so anybody WHO's Mon Monitin matterpatingis actually going to pay attention to wwsrok as thebity is Rong cestificallyquoted around Menifactury, so I should be paying attention t to wws rats.Maybe they have something related to manufacting. So this is the easiest wayof bending your Awor Ness, but the the most advantage that you get is numberone. You can promote your content. There is no limitation as such when youare on club, ous or Bindan. You have a lot of limitations based on the pletforn, but on twinter. What you could be doing is you could simply be promotingYoul offerd and you could be you know, quoting you on answec nobody's going tomind that they are still going to recreat, because you are still part ofthat Don Tobe ISRONS for some time. Also, this chat that you have on thetwitter that lives forever. So any time you are going to search fhat BSL, youcan find out. Okay, whatavou everybody chatted in the last four to five Pai.So now let's say you're hiding. You are inagin right. You are hiding in forThet Youare indating, with your cargiet audience. You could have simplequestions around Iris, okay and then a lot of people who are looking for a jobare actually going to show up fo that Epesei ACAN. Obviously you have toBueld your community. You have to Stell I to you still have to I your ise LaOcorse. You still have to promote, but once you have your community Pinte,they all are going to show up around the same time without much effort andmajority of this affircany automical. That's the best part Andan in case ofLindan Otenation. Is I it's very hard, especially if you want to getvisibility on lited in case of POTA, everything can be automat. We ar okay,the whole qitar check te be automated, but obviously used to Aso ngage on theTue Chet. So some of the ont titis that I personally got Fon Iterat Chaes, forexample. Let's say if I'm not abare of specific tooths. Okay people are goingto met twoting, so they are actually answering a question. They areanswering a person around the problem, so, for example, today we are talkingabout dis, quality of life or employees in Manufacton. That's what we aretalking AOTU. So now, let's say: If you have quality of life issues, you aregoing to be hearing a Lord of Best Practices. formial competis can obelieve this. Okay, you are never going to hear these secrets because nobodytells e, but in this pretty good case since thisis, the community experienceeverybody's trying to share thet teach other they're all trying to learntogether. So it's a very community experience. I don't know if I did agood job here, it's Beeintoi Day. Yeah know you did I'm sure there are peoplethoke that are following along and some who are like you know, their jawsdropped like Huh, but that, but that that is perfectly fine, because I thinkwe know we're getting into some of the the details here and there think forsome people here, thisl be really really valuable, especially those whoare, who are probably already doing some of the the basic stuff that we allneed to be doing like having a linked in presence, and you know finding someway to to build community but yeah, I'm my personally very interested in sortof diving back into twitter. I've been absent for you for years and that'scool to see that that platform is o. every platforms got its own, uniquereasons to use it and so yeah. So I'm kind of kind of take a look at that.Well, we'll say I'm on INM that now you have a twitter chat. You have to get toin a few few minutes here. So I want to respect your time. We've been running alittle long here, but that's because it's been a really great conversation.So is there anything you want to add before we put a bow on this one yeah?The only thing I would like to add is just tay focused and figure out youraudience and one of the things with social media, social media s extremelypretty to get real for Wiy from so O. Otthe think that you should be doing orputting a lot of work with respecting social media, just research about youraudience where they are n what they care for, learn the rnuances of there.If you understand the innuances of of each platform worts as opposed towinning after everything of that you will be far more successful in socialmedia. The only reason why I some socially that doesnon work for somepeople is because this is do now, how they use yeah, basically basin, sofigure out how to use it right, and then you get the real r y. it's goingto be a real ip that you can puild and that is going to play off or next fouryears ideas. You know Nin Ti o any Ein, Cam yeah, that's a really good way towrap it up. Samand. I think what I'm hearing from you is one understandwhere your audience engages online, where they gather information wherethey participate and then to you know, learn how how those platforms work. Youmentioned you kN understanding the nuances right. This isn't is a sprayand prey approach. Like the early days...

...of social mediawere, you used hootsweet to blast out. You know automated messages, denine platforms and half ofwhich don't exist anymore or whatever like this. Is You really have to likethis? is about engaging it's TNAT, just about blasting, a promotional messageout there it's about finding the people you're, trying to reach helping them,as you've talked about being tha super connector, building relationshipsparticipating in conversations. It's there's manual work here, but it'sreally not that different from the way you would do do it in real life. It'sjust. There are platforms out there that allow you to connect with humanbeings at a real human level, a WHO have similar interests, and so I thinkthere were a lot of really nice things you touched on here today. There aregonna, be really valuable to our audience, so seeinm thanks for doingthis, yeah, of course, thank you so much for having me joke. You know Ialways enjoy your show. I was a listener of your show. Much before youknow, you hosted me or you know, ihated my own pordcast, so I appreciateeverything that you are doing. Thank you so much Ig. Thank you and same. Canyou tell our audience how they can get in touch with you and where they canlearn more about Elevat Iq, wbs rocks and all the other interesting thingsthat you're up to so the easiest way is going to be really social mediasuperactive on Linden and twitter. So if you guys want to send the connectionret querst on Lindon, I appreciate avybody, even if Youare greetty fish tto be honest, because you know some day, you know somehow I'm probably meebe. SoI need everyone, so send the correction recorse. That best way to find is sand.Guta, its Sam Gupta is the lost name and the companam is Tlbachi. There isno a at the end in the end Oi and I Q and thebs rock is going to be BS daprop.You fillup be contact Foran, my team. Will you know get that to me so yeah,I'm vretty available on Social Media Yeah. You, Cen, O great well, whereveryou're listening to this right, now make sure that evaiq and WBS rocker inthe show notes you can kind of click through there and find Sam Sam GuptaSam thanks for thanks again for doing this man, this wis really good peckyu,so much at O, blastsup, awesome and Os for the rest of you. I hope to catchyou on the next episode of the Manufacturing Executive. You've been listening to themanufacturing executive podcast to ensure that you never missed an episodesubscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you'd like to learnmore about industrial marketing and sale strategy, you'll find an everexpanding collection of articles, videos guides and tools. Specifically,for B to be manufacturers at Gerilla, seventy sixcom a learn. Thank you somuch to listening until next time.

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