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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 10 months ago

Content Distribution: Getting Your Ass(ets) in Front of People Who Care w/ Matt Sciannella


We'd all love to create content and then sit back and wait for the phones to start ringing. But that doesn't work.

You have to be proactive. Learn how and where your prospects and customers go to consume content online and deliver it to them in those channels.

The only content that works is the content that's actually consumed.

On this episode of the podcast, I invited Matt Sciannella, Senior Strategist at Gorilla76, to talk about content distribution.

Matt and I discussed:

  1. The reasons we need to be talking about content distribution
  2. Why the mindset around the downloadable ebook is starting to change
  3. When you should venture onto a channel other than email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube

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