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Episode · 1 month ago

Make Content for Your Audience – Not for Google w/ Grace Wright & Aaron Weekes


If your content strategy starts with whether there’s keyword search volume around your SEO terms, you’re starting at step five.

Here’s step one: conduct customer interviews to learn what they value and prioritize.

In this episode, I interview Gorilla 76’s own Grace Wright and Aaron Weekes, both Thinker and Strategist, about creating winning content that starts with customers, not keywords.

In this episode we discuss:

-Making your customer’s success the object of your content

-Getting the right messages to the right people

-Providing one of these three qualities: best, first, or different

-Starting your content strategy with the right questions (lots and lots of them)

-Forecasting the future of SEO tactics

Grace Wright can be reached at: 

Aaron Weekes can be reached at:

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