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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 1 month ago

Diversity in the Manufacturing Sector w/ Andrew Crowe and Justin Sherman


The manufacturing sector is desperate for more diversity in gender, generation, race, ability, and other underrepresented populations.

Quite frankly, the situation is dire. Your business won’t survive unless you create a more diverse and inclusive culture, both organization- and industry-wide.

In this episode, I interview Andrew Crowe, Founder of the Elevate Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Justin Sherman, Founder at Equity Machine Works SPC, about attracting young, diverse talent in manufacturing.

Here’s what Drew, Justin, and I talked about:

  • The extreme numbers that show the need for diversity in manufacturing
  • The strong connection between culture and diversity
  • Strategies to attract young folks to a manufacturing career
  • What leaders of diverse teams should and shouldn’t do
  • First steps in how to grow a more diverse team

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