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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 1 year ago

Doing the Dirty Work: How to Find Qualified, Consistent Labor w/ Gary Konarska


We hear grumblings about automation taking away job opportunities. But inside the manufacturing sector, companies are struggling to find high quality, consistent human laborers.

The real challenge facing the industry is this: Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce, and there aren't enough people in the skilled trades to replace them.

Gary Konarska, Executive Director & CEO at American Welding Society, joined this episode of the podcast to discuss how to attract and retain high quality labor.

Gary and I talked about:

  • The opportunity cost of college and the value of learning a skilled trade 
  • How to address the shortage of welders
  • Ways to attract fresh talent through creating great content
  • How to upskill the current welding workforce

Resources we talked about:

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