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8 Ways to Make it Easy for Your Buyers to Buy w/ Joe Sullivan


Only a tiny fraction of your total addressable market is ready to buy right today.

Does that mean you ignore everyone else?

Of course not. You need to get their attention, gain their trust and when it’s time to buy, they’ll turn to you…

But only if you make it easy.

There’s no guest today, just me, Joe Sullivan, your dutiful host and Thinker & Founder at Gorilla 76, and in this episode, I’ll be going over the 8 ways you can make it easier for your buyers to buy.

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What we need to do is make sure that itis as easy as humanly possible for them to learn what they need to learn andstart a conversation with you and then actually buy from you. Welcome to themanufacturing executive podcast, where we explore the strategies andexperiences that are driving midsize manufacturers forward here. You'lldiscover new insights from passionate manufacturing leaders who havecompelling stories to share about their successes and struggles, and you willlearn from B to B sales and marketing experts about how to apply actionablebusiness development strategies inside your business. Let's get into the show, welcome to another episode of theManufacturing Executive Podcast, I'm Joe Sullivan your host and a Co founderof the Industrial Marketing Agency, Carla, seventy six. So today I amflying so low and I'm going to talk through a topic that I think willreally resonate with a lot of manufacturing, folks that are trying totransition into a more modern era of marketing, and that topic is how tomake the buyer experience is easy for your customers as possible. So first Iwant to set the stage by sort of acknowledging that we talk a lot hereat gorilla and on this podcast about content, marketing, understanding yourcustomers, deeply understanding their pains and their goals and their commonquestions and then being an educator around your product category. To answerthose questions and to help them achieve those goals and address thosepains- and all of this is super super important, because the reality is thatonly a small percentage of your total addressable market is probably inbuying mode at any particular moment in time. And so, if you can be the one toearn their attention and trust and educate them and take on a position ofthought leader and humanize your business and just be a helpful resourceto them. You're probably going to be the first ones. They call her at leaston that Short list when they do enter buying modes. So I want to acknowledgethat all of that smass ive massive advocates for all that it's a lot ofwhat we do for ourselves as what we do for our clients and help them to do.But that's not what this episode is about today, I'm not going to betalking about that top of funnel content and education instead. What Iwant to talk about in this episode is that small percentage of people andorganizations that actually are in buying mode right now and they'revetting you as a potential solution provider right now, and what we need todo is make sure that it is as easy as humanly possible for them to learn whatthey need to learn and start a conversation with you and then actuallybuy from you. This is a place where a lot of manufacturing organizationsreally kind of trip up and there's a lot of small things. You can be doingto make it a lot easier for them, especially if you step back you putyourself in their shoes, you think about what it's like to actually gothrough that buying process and to gather the information, that's neededand then reach out. So that's what we're going to do here. The theme thatI have put together is eight ways to make it easy for your buyers to buy andkeep in mind. I'm presenting this in the context of your website and most ofwhat we help our clients do and what...

...we're going to do and happens in thedigital sphere. So and I'm not throwing out the things you can and should bedoing. You know in person- and you know in more traditional ways- are not nottrying to discredit any of that. But what I'm going to talk about is wherewe, you really have some expertise and can lend some advice on this front ofmaking it easy online if your bias to find what they need to find and toreach out to you and to buy. So let's get into this here. Some of thesepoints that I'm making illustrate with examples from our own from ourselves atgorilla, and you can think about how you translate that into your own worldas a manufacturer in other places, I'm just going to sort of describe theconcept and hopefully inspire myself to put some of those other points thatthat we're not necessarily acting on ourselves, but, I think, are a reallysmart ideas. So hopefully at least a few of these will strike a cord withyou and inspire some action. So, let's get into it here, eight ways to make itas easy as possible for your buyers to buy okay number one is state as clearlyas you can, who you help and how, and so the first place where you need to dothat is smack in the middle of your home page when somebody lands on yourwebsite on your home page, you want to state so quickly and succinctly andclearly who it is that you create value for and how you do it. So, just as anexample here on our website Geria, seventy six com, we say the IndustrialMarketing Agency, WE HELP MID SIZED BOB manufacturers, implement modernmarketing programs that deliver meeting full business outcomes and then there'sa learn more button that takes you through to a page that is are who wehelp and how page this is my top sales page. Anybody listening WHO's had asales conversation with me. Probably I've sent you to this page, and so I'msuggesting you do the same in turn, create this page on your site and whatwe say right there is. We don't do everything and we don't do it foreveryone, and we say I you kind of restate. That's that phrase from thehome page and then we go in and say you manufacturer, seek our expertise whenthey are bullet point lacking awareness among ideal future customers bulletpoint not consistently filling their pipe lines with sales. Qualified leadsbullet points still relying on trade chosen, referrals to drive business andso on. We list six bullets there that are the most common things that I hearfrom manufacturers about. You know when they reach out and so we're identifyingwith the pain and saying this is the issue that people have when they reachout and one we could potentially be a good fit and then I then would go in tosay this is how we help solve those problems rather than leading with werethe best, and we do all this great stuff. We lead with the issue that ourcustomer experiences and then we get into how we helps all those problems,and we talk a little bit about our services. Very briefly, and then we saythese three things make us different. Industrial is our niche and we workwith midsize bb American manufacturing companies. Death is our specialty. Wedevelop marketing programs informed by intensive investigation of customersand markets and subject matter experts to position our clients as thoughtleaders and then number three marketing...

...source pipeline is our metric. We talkabout how we measure success. If we put all those three things together, therearen't many other companies, if any at all, that could say the exact samething and say it with a strap face right. So that's our who we help andhow page it's a great page. You be able to send someone and a to and to makeyou know prominent on your side so that when the right people land on it, theysay wow yeah. This is I need to talk to these guys. This is the company thatthey can help me. I can tell that they understand me. That've seen mysituation before so we develop this framework based on or this page, basedon a framework by the author, Mike Weinberg, who has book new sales.Simplified is one that we promote have a heavily because we just believe inthe way he wrote chapter at of that book. In a way that lets you develop areally cost of great customer facing positioning and then another you knowframework that would be great to develop so to your brand story would bethe book story brand by Donald Miller, so I recommend checking either of thoseout and then this will help you state who you help and how and the value youcreate in the customer centric way. Okay, so that's number one easy way tomake it easy for your buyers to buy state clearly, who you help and howokay number two describe your process. So again, I'm going to I'm going tokeep coming back to our guerrillas like for a second year, just because I veI've been through this wee. We've got this stuff outline, but you know up inour top navigation. You can get to a page that says our process and pricingand that's exactly what it is we describe and we have a very clearprocess. We go through with our clients and we describe it all in depth righthere, it's a pretty long page, but this is probably the number two mostimportant sales page that we use, because once someone has identifiedwith those pains that I described on the WHO help and out page now, it'slike okay, let's see what it's like to work with guerilla and we describe ourindustrial marketing road map process which we go through in the same waywith every client the first time it's sort of a consulting engagement thatlets us go through discovery and put together a plan. After that we go intoa phase one implementation and that's where things become very accustomed,but we describe it and then we go into ungrowing implementation. So all ofthat's laid out here the process is described. You know the time commitmentrequired from the client is described. Our pricing is listed. I'm going totalk more about that one at a few minutes as its own point, and we've gotsome videos embedded here that I think are really important to that's almosther most recent addition to this pages. We went back and we recorded we've gota fourteen minute, video describing the first phase our road map stage, andthen we have a thirteen minute, video describing our phase. Oneimplementation and we've got a just a short two minute, video talking abouton going implementation, but these are camera on me. We used a videographer atguerilla, we've gotten house which is convenient, but it doesn't have to bethat fancy either. Could just be you talking on camera through a Webcam, youknow doesn't have to be. Rehearsed, doesn't have to be super. You knowanything special, just get your points out there describe what it's like towork with you and I think the most important thing is. It puts your faceon camera. It humanizes you. It makes someone feel at ease with working withyou, especially if you're a charismatic person, or at least you get the rightperson on your team. who is and can... comfortably in that setting, soI'd encourage you to take a look at that our process and pricing page forthose reasons, and then the other thing that worth noting there is, you knowour first step when we work with Cientes the industrial marketingroadmap. We have branded that we've, given it a name, there's a verydistinct process. We charge the same amount for that first step beforeeverything becomes. You know, custom and catered to the client and there'ssomething to that: There's something to giving a name to a process that you gothrough and branding it almost as a productized service. So again, we'vehad a few clients. Do this as well, and it's a a way to say: Hey, we've beenthrough this before we've got a process even so much that we've got a name andwe've got all the steps lit out here on our website. So just anotherconsideration there. Okay, so that's number two describe your process.Number two easy way easiest way to make it way to make it easy for your buyersto buy. Let's go to number three here which is list your pricing. I pulledthis one out. This is almost a sub point of number two, but I want to pullit out as its own thing, because I think it's that important. You know thething I hear all the time when I talk to O em's and manufacturers who areselling some. You know: half million dollar a million dollar piece of customequipment, whether it's a custom, CNC machine or it's packaging equipment, orit's w whatever it is. You know I hear well, we can. We can't put our priceson our website because our products cost. You know six figures plus sevenfigures, they're mostly custom jobs, nothing's the same, and we don't wantour competitors. Is Your pricing and all of this stuff. I mean it's allvalid points. I understand that but the, but you got to shift your mindset onthis because there are ways you can talk about money and talk about pricing,to give your customers and your prospects a sense for what it's goingto look like without physically writing. Our product costs a hundred twenty sixthousand dollars. You know a hundred twenty six thousand four hundred INANDAthirty cents right. It's that's not what we're talking about here. So hereare a few ways: o talk about pricing without physically listing a price hey,give a range if your product usually costs between fifty and a hundred andfifty k just go ahead and set those expectations say that we do that on oursite. We, you know, described that the average client of ars is spend inbetween a hundred and twenty five and two hundred K in their first year withus. It's stated on our website and ninety percent of the time. It's true.It falls in that range, their exceptions, but it gives people a ballpark idea so that those who are way under that range realize that you know.Okay. This is probably not a solution for us and they're, probably just priceshopping, and it probably not a good fit for you. So you know, will youchase some people away, yeah sure, but most people? If they're, you know theycan be close to that range they're going to talk to you anyway? They wantto. They want to learn more so at least set an expectation there and the peoplewho are in that range and can't afford you are going to go in feeling thatmuch better about it and you're have probably a better sales conversation.So that's that's sort of reason a to give a range reason. You Know B, pointB for addressing pricing without physically writing. The price explainthe differences between that fifty and...

...a hundred k version of your solution.You know your answer is to pricing questions almost always probably startwith something like well. It depends, okay, so describe some of those mostcommon. Well, it depends situations in what situation does you know when doeswas the price goes up? Why is that? Is it like? What variables are there thatcould lead to a lower or higher price and explain those things right, anarticle about it describe the most common ones so that your prospect canidentify with that say? Okay, all right, I see that they're, usually a hundredfifty two hundred fifty K and the way they're describing the more expensiverange, that's kind of more than what I expect. I need so I'm probably downhere or the opposite, but again it gives them context, sets up a bettersales. Conversation encourages them to reach out to you and then this pointthe letter see under why Prit Whig it's important to list pricing or how youcan do it comparative the alternative. You can talk about money by saying youknow, how is your solution different from what your prospect is used toright now? Why does it cost more or less, and why talk about that stuff?Just write it or talk about it in a video answer, questions like when? Willhe or she see a positive Ri based on your past experience? What's the totalcost of ownership? Look like that's a great one breakdown. You know! Well,your competitors are a third, the price of us, but their product lasts twoyears in our ours last thirty right or whatever it is. You've got a version ofthat, probably so think about what that is, and just talk about it. Maybethey'll pay fifty percent more for your product now, but it'll last ten yearslonger than your competitors so get into that concept of pcodyas about rolytimeline. To that answer, those questions you know they're going to askany way and set up a better sales conversation. Okay. So that's we'vegiven three ways here so far out of eight to make it easy for your bias toby let's go to number four right: an Fa q page that is actually helpful. I seea lot of FA pages out. There probably most be to be companies. Websites havethem, and most of them are terrible. You know it's like five or ten commonquestions and like one line answers to them that are really had no value sohow about? Instead, let's do some customer interviews or, let's look backat sales conversations gather your sales team. What are the questionsyou're, getting all the time from customers all through that buyingprocess and let's, let's take the twenty most common ones or fifty mostcommon or five or whatever it is? It doesn't matter so much, but if thequestions you're commonly being asked, answer them and there's probably a lotof it depends answers in there and that's fine so break down the different.You know so few different scenarios to give context to people, but you shouldhave a deep. You know, FA page, that is filled with really valuable, helpfulcontent and something we do on ours. I'm going to reference us again, notsaying that we do. We do everything right by any means, but you know we'remarketing. People we've been through this before we've seen it with ourclients. We do a good job for ourselves, our FA page, which you can get tothrough the working together link in our top navigation. You know it'sscrolls and scrolls and scrolls and like questions were answering you, whattypes of companies does grill a best...

...serf? How did you develop a specialtyin industrial marketing? What makes gorrilla different from the thousandsof other marketing agencies out there? How much do your services cost? Howwill I know if my investments been successful? Do you have any documentedexamples of success with other similar clients? What's the makeup of gorillasstaff? How Big Are you? Where is you where you located? How can you asmarketing people, know how to create or know nothing about my business andpossibly create content that will resonate with our audience? We get thatone all the time so this goes on and on I've read about half of them too there,but we answer all these in depth and in a lot of them as you'll see, we linkout to pages that co even more in death, long blog posts that go deep on thetopic case studies, you know other pages on our site that help address thequestion in more depth, and this has been a process. You know you couldstart with an Fu page and answer the questions, and then you could say allright. I think these three are we get these all the time and they're morecomplex, let's write at deep pe, so let's film with video and so the stuffcan build over time. You don't have to do it all the way, all right away. Okay,so that's number four of eight in terms of ways to make it easy for your biasto buy right. An FA page is actually helpful. Number five include a calendarbooking APP, so you probably if you don't use one already, I'm sure you'veseen them and use them. Sales people always seem to have these techcompanies. Have these manufacturing people, usually don't if you're, usinga marketing automation software carm like hub spot a lot of times. Thesetools are starting to become baked in to the bigger piece of software. Youcan also go out and get something like Calende calandre costs about eight totwelve dollars a month, because even a free version, but you can pay eight orten bucks a month that you can get set it you sink it with your outlook oryour Google calendar. Whatever software your company uses for email andcalendar, sink it very easily, you can create. You Say I am available formeetings on the on Mondays Wednesdays on Fridays, from eighteen or I'mavailable, nine to five Monday through Friday, or I'm always available orwhatever you set those parameters. It'll sink with your calendar so that,if you're you're booked for something on Tuesday at at one o'clock to twoo'clock, it won't show as a available time to book you. But this is a reallyeasy way to avoid that sort of back and forth between people like well. Howabout Tuesday at two o'clock and the other person says well, I'm booked,then so it eliminates a back and forth. It also just makes it easy for someoneto just go ahead and book you, and so you know sometimes we'll talk aboutwhat a good idea it would be to just include this in your email, signatureincluded on your website, if you're using a tool like cub spot, I'm notsure if calne has a plug in like this, it probably do, but you can have alittle pop up on your website, like on our on your request of consultation,page as opposed to a form fill. Somebody could just book. You like bookUS book you right now, but fill out find a time that works. Here's myupdated calendar and that link to just pop up on your website so again makingit easy. That's number five for making it easy for your buyers to buy allright. We're going to number six live... so another one that is, you know,be kind of a pop up on your website. You're familiar with live chat, you'veseen them before this is different than a chat, but I want to clarify thedifference there. I do think there are applications for a chat, but where it'san automated sort of pre populated thing most of them are used very poorly,probably ninety percent of them out there use poorly. So I'm not talkingabout that. I'm talking about banning a live chat, having a dedicated, livehuman being occupying this chat, and you know there are different ways to doit. You could have if you got a team of three sales people, maybe each one'sresponsible on different days. Most of these have apps on your phone that youcan get alerts when somebody fills it out so that you know your nets. Youhave to be sitting in front of your desk. Stop all day monitoring it, butyou also, you know you could do it so that you actually are. It is whenyou're in front of your computer and then you turn it off during the othertimes. There's a lot of ways to configure these things, but it justmakes you that much more approachable and accessible. You can put your photoon there, which humanizes you a little bit and start a conversation withsomeone to just. Can I answer your questions? What any questions you gothere about this particular product that you are physically looking at, becauseyou're on that particular page right now, and I can see that one of ourclients is is in the sort of their distributor in the steel industry andthey've got thirty sales guys or something like that. They're runningaround, like blue tooth head sets that and you know, answering calls and coldcalling all day and stuff, and you know in their situation, which is differentthan a lot of our clients that have smaller sales teams and it's morecustom manufacturing or you know smaller volume of sales. Well, theseguys are like selling commodities at high volume and their live chat is oneof the r the most successful tools you know. I was up five minutes suggestionwe made to him and probably the most impactful marketing suggestion we madeto him six years ago or whatever it was, but they have. You know: they've gotlike thirty or sales people, they just have a different person manning thelive chat. They rotate and people are get excited to be the one many the livecheck, because you know they get commission on the sales that are madethrough the live chat that day and it tends to be one of the best days of themonth so anyway, this is, there are a lot of ways to use it, but it should beexplored. These are not expensive. There's one called live, chat literallythe software, but there's also, you know there are tons of them at thispoint, and some of them might be even baked into tools like hub spot that youalready are using all right so number six, making it easy for your buyer tobuy live chat. Let's go to number seven of eight number. Seven is show ratherthan tell, and what I mean here is video is better than images which arebetter than text. The more visual you can be, the better product videos onyour site. A lot of manufacturers actually do a pretty good job ofproduct. Videos like on Youtube I've, seen more and more of that in recentyears, which is great to see a, I think, feeding that stuff into the appropriateproduct pages on your website. It's a super, easy step and a good thing to doso: product videos on your site at least good imagery, I mean jees. Canyou at least clean up your facility and bring in a photographer and spend threeand dollars to get some break great product photography on your site, ifnot video, even better video? So that's... thing just what you show on yourside, but also you know, I talked about booking meetings and maybe a live demo.We talked with a client about this recently, where they were they've got avery visual. You know physically interesting product that they were. Idon't know if they proceeded, but the conversation was they were going tostart doing, live zoom demos right from the shop floor right in their facility.They've got a great clean facility. Their product looks impressive. It's abig thing. It's that something you can hold in your hands. It's something youstand next to, and this is, you know twice the size of a human being, butthey were going to stand next to it and talk about it. So you book a Demo withthem or book a meeting with them and rather than talking to them, whilethey're at their desk they'll still stand there next to the product andshow it to you and talk to you about it. So there's just an idea, but you knowlive product demo or you know if it is something you can hold in your hand,have it ready to hold in your hand and do a zoom call rather than a phone callwhen somebody books a meeting with you so show, rather than tell lots of ways,do that that's number seven out of eight for ways to make it easy for yourcustomers. Your prospects to buy last one number eight. This one should besuper obvious, it's yet it doesn't happen in most organizations and thatrespond to your RF fast. You can't wait till tomorrow when someone fills out aform on your site, and they want to talk to you. Respond, have a process in place, sothe right people are getting it. If that person's gonna be out on vacation,have a backup person, you know who's manning the form, but this you can'twait till tomorrow. You can't you shouldn't wait three hours to reply.You got to reply fast because otherwise they're on your competitor site,they're, having a call with them. You know when that RF form submisit comesto you want to be on the phone as fast as humanly possible, especially if it'sa qualified lead, give yourself the best chance of winning. So that's thatone so we've hit on all eight I'm going to recap them very quickly, and then wewill wrap here so eight ways to make it easy for your buyers to buy one stateclearly, who you help and how to describe your process. Three list. Yourpricing and talk about pricing number four right, an FA page. That's actuallyhelpful. Five include a calendar booking APP six man, a live chat, sevenshow rather than tell and ate respond to our fus fast. That covers it. A lotof these examples, as you you know by now, I've illustrated with examplesfrom our own website and we're trying to practice what we preach so thatwe're not just throwing ideas out there that don't have have any legs to standon we're successful doing a lot of this stuff for ourselves. There's no reasonyou can't be to even the were marketing agency in your manufacturer visitguerrilla. Seventy sicot go to that top navigation, and most of the pages Italked about are under that working together menu, which is the first linknext door logo. If you haven't connected with me UN linked in yetplease do I'm one of probably ten thousand Joe Sullivans, with just aboutthe most common name that you could have, but look for me, Joe Sulman fromGerrol. Seventy six would love to...

...connect. I try to ship publish a fewtimes a week and share ideas like I'm talking about here out there, sohopefully you can get some value out of that, so that is it thanks forlistening to my ramble here for the last twenty five minutes and I hope tocatch you on the next episode of the Manufacturing Executive. You've been listening to themanufacturing executive podcast to ensure that you never missed an episodesubscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you'd like to learnmore about industrial marketing and sales strategy, you'll find an everexpanding collection of articles, videos guides and tools, specificallyfor B to B manufacturers at gorilla. Seventy sixscore LARN. Thank you somuch for listening until next time.

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