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Leveraging Ecommerce for Manufacturing’s Digital Immigrants w/ Curt Anderson


If you think ecommerce isn’t for you, you’re wrong.

You need to leverage ecommerce immediately (arguably with pricing, too) to increase your visibility and make it easy for your ideal buyer to make a buying decision on a Friday at midnight online. 

In this episode, I interview Curt Anderson , eCommerce Evangelist for Manufacturers at Ecommerce MGMT , about why ecommerce matters so much for manufacturers — today more than ever before.

Join us as we discuss:

-Why manufacturers should quit being “the best kept secret”

-Curt’s 3-prong approach to ecommerce

-SEO and keyword strategies for digital immigrants

-An opinionated view of pricing

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As a manufacturer, how can you helpyour ideal buyer that soul mate make a bind decision on a Friday night atmidnight without having you wait for you to open up your doors on Monday?That's a competitive advantage. Welcome to the manufacturing executive podcast,where we explore the strategies and experiences that are driving midsizemanufacturers forward here. You'll discover new insights from passionatemanufacturing leaders who have compelling stories to share about theirsuccesses and struggles and you'll learn from B to B sales and marketingexperts about how to apply actionable business development strategies insideyour business. Let's get into the show, welcome to another episode of theManufacturing Executive Podcast, I'm Joe Sullivan your host and a Co founderof the Industrial Marketing Agency guerilla. Seventy six, when you thinkabout he, commerce, what comes to mind, probably Amazon, right or maybe buyingclothes or coffee or fishing gear, from one of your favorite companies online,but in general consumer products right. What most people wouldn't think of is asix figure custom configured piece of manufacturing equipment. Yet here weare it's two thousand and twenty one, and this is a very different buyinglandscape than it was even five years ago. In today's conversation, we'regoing to get into this topic of e commerce specifically for manufacturersand will look at different things that e commerce can actually mean, becauseit's time that the industrial sector shifts its mindset about how to respondto the way that buyers actually want to go through their buying process. Onthat note, let me introduce my guest curt Anderson founded in e CommerceCompany in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. That was ranked threetimes on the Internet. Retailer magazine top one thousand e commercecompanies since selling that company Curtis served as an e commerceconsultant targeting manufacturers curt. Is the author of stop being the bestkept secret founder of B to B Telcom and Co, founder of e commerce m GMT comand e commerce resource guide for manufacturers. Cart. Welcome to theshow Joe would an honor. Thank you so much fan. I am absolutely thrilled tobe here with you today. It's some throw to have you here where you know thereare a lot of people that I've had on this show at this point who I havediscovered through just through Linkin and often because of little micro clips,I've pulled out of podcast episodes that resonated and then we strike upconversation and you kind of follow it fall into that category. We kind ofshare a lot of Weerin in a lot of the same circles in the manufacturingsector. If I find absolutely and what I love is, you know just a kind of youknow. I know I'm on your show, but I got to throw it back at you. You know alittle love your way. You know you guys unior team just do an amazing job andit just it was. This was a long overdue for me to connect with you, you guys atGrill a seventy six just do such...

...incredible work, and so again thank you.I'm just I feel very blessed a bear today so well. Thank you. I appreciatekind words and I'm going to be on your webinars coming up soon too. So by thetime this is live, they may have happened already, but that's going tobe fun as well. So I really like what you're doing on that front. YEP AWESOME!Well, very good! So Kurt you know I did during the first year of this podcastyou're going to be episode and seventy ish here and during the first yearsomewhere back around thirty or forty years. So I think I had. I did onecommerce or one episode touching on e commerce- didn't go super deep on it.It was a good. You know, episode to sort of dive into the topic, butthere's so much to discuss there and when I met you, I'm Al All right I gotto. We got to go deep with with curt here and and get some get anotherperspective, and so here we are so we're going to get into that today. Butfirst I would love to hear a little bit about your book. I really I love thetitle: Stop Being the best kept secret, and you told me a little bit on ourlast call what that's all about what that means, but I'm going to let yousay it in your words. Well, thank you and and again kind of throwingsomething back at you guys. I know you know you're, not the best kept secret,because you guys are out there. You know you do you and John do an amazingamazing job, and I just I want to say again why I'm so thrilled to be here,you guys are truly truly an American entrepreneurial successor. I love howyou know two buddies get together a side gate turns into a business. Abusiness is now twenty two individuals now not only call this work or a job.It's a career and you're, providing for twenty two different families out thereand you know you're helping manufacturers to stop being the bestkept secret. So again, my hat's off to you and John just so admirable, and Ihave just such deep respect for what you guys have accomplished. So you knowagain. I just wanted to. I feel compeled to share that. Well. Thank you.I really appreciate that means a lot. It's very inspiring. You know I seenand you mentioned you know. I started a business a hundred years ago, I'm mucholder than you and so just a kind of looking back at you and John, and Ispent a lot of time. Kind of you know found what you guys do and it's justit's really just such an inspiration. You know the book stop being a bestkept secret, so you and I both target. How can we help manufacturers? You know-and you know heart beat of America- it's really the basis of our economy.It's not what it was. You know back in a day, but boy there's a niceresurgence, and you know revitalization of American manufacturing right now. Soit's really such a blessing for both of us at be in this space. You know I hadto eat commerce business, you know, had a nice run sold it and like man, whatdo I want to do when I grew up now? You know I was like forty at the time. I'mnow I'm not forty anymore, but I kept calling on manufacturers trying to helpthem with the commerce and I'd be like hey. Mr Mris manfacturer tell me aboutyour business. Some you know they're like Oh we're. The best kept secretwere the best kept secret. I just kept hearing it over and over I'm like man.I don't think that's a great marketing strategy. We might need to turn thataround and so, therefore, the title book is stop being the best cap secretand it's probably you know it's still... going to the commerce spin. It'sprobably similar what you and John do so. I can have like a four tier attack.I know they'll dig an e commerce, but I it's very probley similar. What you doyou know, so we do we offer free, do it with you,eat commerce, training sessions, okay, free commerce, training sessions, andwhat we start with is that by our persona you know we can padi into alittle deeper through the conversation you guys, I'm sure start with that. Youknow how critical it is for the manufacture to know who are you sellingto WHO's that ideal buyer for in my book and our trainings for our littlecuts word. We call it WHO's, your soul, mate. You know. Basically, our websitesare no. You know our linked in profile. How you and I connected. You know if Iwas an r guy or CFO or whatever you and I want t have connected, but because weboth sing too, I don't sing. I am a horrible voice, but if we were singingwe're singing to manufacturers from marketing standpoint yeah, so we gothrough. You know how to find an ideal buyer. How to make that great firstimpression we call it web pression. Are you making a great first wept pression,whether social, your website so and so forth? We talk about, dominate, search,is number three and you- and I were talking about this a little bit. Youknow like when you nitch down a manufacture and there's so many keyword,opportunities to really dominate, search and people like Oh, come on. Youknow it's to two thousand and twenty one. How can you attack those searchengines? Well, when manufacturers nicked down there's just an abundanceof opportunities and then our last approach is we talk about what I callit? How do you get offensive without offending in any commerce? It's likeutilizing market places and I'll wrap up on this lot of custom manufactureslike hey, wait a minute. You know we don't have a preparatory product. Whatto the online market places? Why would I sell an Amazon? We go deep into a lotof hardcore strategies for those custom manufacturers on using those marketplaces any commerce, so that's kind of what the basis of the book stop beingthe best best kept secret is about yeah. I love it. I think it's a really smart.I love the title. I think the you know. I hear the same thing all the time. Letme you know it's man, we we've got the E got. Is this killer product? It'sit's so much better for these reasons and there's these industry giants andnobody knows who we are or you know, but but our customers just love us andsuch a common thing. It doesn't have to be this way that does it exactly so,you know in a challenge for manufacturers and again, that's whyyou've thrived you know. When did you guys find your? Was it two thousand andthree two thousand and six, the the seventy six in girls? Six for anybodylistening here is everyone just where a name came from his seventh month of Ossix, which is you know, we'd, probably have named our company differently ifit were happening now, but hey, we were like twenty four year old, guys, didn'tknow what we were doing and I think it's phenomenal, but you knowand again joe what you know. As you discover you know, manufacturers, youknow you're run into a lot that have been around for generations, some,maybe even over a century right, if not longer great culture. You knoweverything about them is phenomenal.

You know, unfortunately, just you knowwell, fortunately, unfortunately, that you know these built a great legacywithout needing marketing right, it was you know, trade shows were to mouthsells. Rup goes on the road pounds of pavement. You know this is how grandmaand GRANDPA did it. This is how generations have done it, and you knowit's been gradually changing as the new generation comes in Ovid really, as youknow, first hand, just really brought this whole issue to light: Hey wait aminute I can't go to a trade show. There are no shales, reps are grounded.They can't go that you know our customers, don't won't let ourselves upin what do we do? I wait a minute. My website was built in two thousand andfive looks not too good, and so you know how do we change that can't? Youknow I'm doing a search for your product, your service or your solution,and I can't find you you are truly the best cap secret. You know so again.That's why company like rilla seventy six is so valuable to the market formanufacturers to help conquer. You know those strategies. Yeah I mean the thingis that all the power in the buying and selling prroces has shifted to thebuyer. Over the you know, the last twenty plus years as more and moreinformation is become available, as younger generation has risen up andtaken more control and they don't want to be cold called. They want to go,investigate things on their own and then all of a sudden you throw lastyear didn't what happened with Ovid on top of it and travel and face to face.You know largely going away, and- and some of it won't come back like some ofthe will, some of the won't. So it's yeah it's just this. It's such a changein in the way companies need to be operating, and I think it's thisparticular topic that we're on today is that much more important. For thatreason, so absolutely, and we, as you mentioned, we have a weapon in ourprogram. We do every Friday. You know we're fortunate enough you're going tobe a guest of ours and you know maybe you'll come out around the time of thisjob. Super excited. You have a great topic that we're going to talk about,but we had a Gemman that was on our program recently and I love you know,I'm sure you love doing these podcast man. I learn every time. Every week youknow. Seventy percent of the BIN decision is already made before theyeven pick up a call. You know the phone or drop you an email. You know they'redoing all that research on your website. You know, I know you have a dynamicteam of journalism majors. I know like your way. Missouri want to top. Youknow, journalism, schools in the country. I know you have a few folks onyour team from Missouri and a lot of heavy creative minds. Great Journalism,background you're, helping people tell that story where you know wheremanufacturers they just you know they flew under the Radir. You Know Hey, welike just kind of like doing our our thing, keeping it low key and then thisis all change, and so now you know bring it on a team. Like you bloggingcontent video strategy either mentioned linked in social you're like man. Doyou know? FACEBOOK is, for you know, hanging out what I had for dinner lastnight. No, if you're, you know, everybody has a late, there's laborshortages everywhere right now. Well, guess what you're now competing withyou? You know competition, even people...

...that aren't in your field you'recompeting with fast food restaurants for good quality tail. Now, if you knowtwenty something would who would be an all star at your manufacture inoperation, doesn't see that you're posting on facebook that you're postingon social. What's going on behind the curtain, you know Jeez, I drive by thatbig building. I don't know what you guys what you know you contribute tothe community what's going on there, so I think again, stop being the best keptsecret, not just for customers, but also for recruiting. You know tailing.It is absolutely critical. These days love it, and I completely agree wellcur, let's get into this e commerce topic here, so this is really yourworld and want to tap into your brain power. Here you have described to me.We had the call. You know a few days back to kind of flesh out thisconversation a little bit. What we want to hit on you describe to me a threeprong process, or maybe the process is the right word, but three prongapproach to e commerce for manufacturers and I'd love to spendsome time here, breaking down what each of those three things are yeah,absolutely, and I think, what's so common in whether you see thisfrequently, you know you land on a manufacturers website and I'm sorry tosay this. There's this awful horrific disease Joe. I don't know if you'veever heard of it. We call it the wee wee syndrome and if you're not familiarwith the wee, we send jom what we encourage manufacturers and when we doour training do our workshops. We get a big kick out of it. We do a lot of workwith the maps, that's a manufacturing extension partnerships. We just did aprogram today at preduce university yesterday, we were in Pennsylvania daybefore were at a Bra University of Nebraska M P, and so we get a it's. Itbrings a lot of smiles. A lot of chuckles we caught the Wewe Syndrome. Ithink I know where you're going here. I think I think I know, but I want you tosay it yeah, but I and I won't take credit for this. My dear friend, if youknow Elson the Fort, she would be awesome on your podcast she'd, be agreat guest. I'm going to credit, my dear friend my best allison of thisterm. The Wewe Syndrome is how many times you use the word we on yourwebsite. We have great capabilities, we have great equipment, we have greatskills. We have the best just ask us that it a day right in the challengesfor the Bier, the person. It's all do, respect and in men we're all guilty ofthis. They don't care, they don't care about us. They just want to care aboutthe solution that is provided you know. So when we go through these trainings,we want you know we go through. We go deep in a lot of examples of like flipthis flick, the story and make it all about them. Okay, so now in the Ideobuyer, your soul made they land on the website, and you know I'm I'm glad youmentioned bier stole, because when you think about buyers, they are sometimesthe most. I don't know if we were in school called Pick Dan, but they take alot of heat all day every day you bought too much of this. You bought toolittle of that you brought the wrong size here. You know the buyers beat upall day and that's who we're targeting are those buyers right. So why they'regetting beat up now we're trying to come in now we're trying to sellsomething to him. So the goal is: How can we make it as easy as humanlypossible? So the thing prying approach...

I run through quickly number one. Youknow a lot of times and we sing to the custom. Anin fashion were like Hey,wait, a minute. You guys are talking o commerce. You know we make stuff forother people. That's not really us an R F Q is by definition, e commerce, man.It's somebody sending you a drawn and asking you. Let's conduct businesstogether right so do you have a clear, concise, called action? You have like abig form. Hey Tom me, your first born your social security number that youknow like make it super easy called action. I think we're going to get into.You know another little pricing conversation, but you know just how canyou turn that around as fast as possible and make it easy for them so,first and foremost make the RF Q make it easy? Make yourself accessible, easyto business with number two? How can you jump in e commerce, and so we gothrough like specific examples and we're, and it's awesome when we have.We take manufacturers to our training process of the Light Bob goes off andlike man, even though I'm selling a four five, even a six fier figureproduct, we can use e commerce and when they discover that it is so excitingwhere they're going to like. Now, all a sudden go on a shopping car. Maybethey'll put it on Amazon and we have a company in Alaska that has like thesebig heavy duty, fuel tanks for her helicopters and so now she's going tostart she's going to go in that traction of like e converse. We havesomeone that does like these big SRAIC molds. You know thousands of dollars.They want to get any commerce with these projects, because buyers are nowgoing on Amazon. They want to buy they're going on. You know on Tour Ecommerce store they don't have time. Like you said the millionare ration ata waiting. The third thing I'd like to share. We are super super bullish onanybody. It's on to listen. I talk about configurated. Those configuratedquote: Builders calculators, whatever you want to call them. You, and I werejust talking about a good buddy of mine from above the fray, Noah oaken Berg.He connected you with Tom, or he connected me with Tom Paul Tom was justa guest on your podcast he's a company in Portland. They do a great job withwith configurated Chris Harrington, president o of Gen Alfa, now theirgreat guests for you to consider on your program they're up in Milwaukee.They have. They are an e commerce firm for manufacturers. They do anincredible job with configurated. So let the idol buyer that soul may landon your website, build your product and just check out and like not even haveto call you where the RF you're now putting that sales process on yourwebsite, pulling it off of your plate. So anyway. So that's my that's ourthree prong approach with e commerce for manufacturers yeah. I think that'sreally smart and you know touching on something you were saying a minute agoand I've seen this a few times recently, where we've been consulting a clientand we're always trying to push our clients into simplifying their service,O their product, offering where they can like. Look at the where youactually profitable. Where are you just where you fulfill in orders where themargins are low? But these customers, some of thetis, the small escuse, takeup the most time and and you're not...

...even making money frankly, but a lot oftimes the things they're buying could be m a little more standard, maybe, andso I've had customers say well. Maybe we could activate a distributionchannel to handle commerce here, for these particular more standard productlines that are lower margin, and then we don't have to have our sales peoplespending all their time servicing. Well, I think that's another argument formaybe where you could use e commerce right. Could you simplify some of yourservice offerings and say we're going to sell these standard, because that'sprobably good enough for somebody at this price point right. I love it. Icouldn't agree with you more and again. You know I know from an you know wewere having an engineering. Conversation might be much differentfor us as marketers. It's very easy yeah, just you know an Ryford and youknow put it in ever any color. You want as long as it's black right. I knowit's not that easy, but what you're saying is like if you take like the attwenty rule, you know so if there are commodity products that that customermanufacturer is making and just like really start hammering down on thoseparticular products, those that can open up the door to so much you knowmakes makes your life a lot easier when you walk into the manufacture. Like Hey.What's your key, you know what are your key words? What are your coursestraying started up well now, when they focus on that eighty percent that cancreate there. You know now: here's your potential cwort strategy, now,potentially here's an e commerce strategy. We could put those productsout there and even when the engineer or that buyer, like hey, I see that youhave this particular whatever circuit board or you have this particularproduct. It's close, but I need this, but because they found you on a marketplace where they found you with that key bred strategy. Now we can have theconversation to dig deeper to customize it a couple steps further, but boy,we're really close, you know. So that's I, I absolutely love what you're sayingthere: That's really smart, actually and- and I I have one client who iskind of doing exactly that, where their main webs they've two websites, theirmain website is very bigger, higher price point, more custom jobs, and thisis their main business. Well, they own a really important key word in theirspace and they have built a website and e commerce site all around that andthey sell the commodity products and they don't make much money when theysell them. But when somebody buys it, they fill out of they're filling out ofform. They're purchasing something a transaction happens in a relationshipbegins there and all of a sudden that I is the lead in to turning them into acustomer of really their core service offering, and so sometimes the commercecomponent of your business is not even going to be a profit center for you inand of itself. It may be more of a league generator for you to startconversations with the right people, so I think you kind of have to reframeyour mindset about why you're maybe doing the commerce in the first place.Absolutely that's, absolutely brilliant. I love that strategy that you'resuggesting there with you know with that particular client and again, andit's just it's just a different mindset for the manufacturer and again you know,like you deal with dozens hundreds over over your career and phenomenaloperations boy, nobody does it better.

They know that widget inside and nowyou know they're, probably great leaders. You know great with HR greatwith operations finance all those other things they just they've, never reallyneeded to market themselves, and so this is just such a glaring gap. Youknow, I don't know. You'll relate to this like when you started yourbusiness. I was kid around manufacturers. What's what hit retailtwenty years ago is now hitting manufacturers today so say, like MainStreet your florist plumber, whatever your every day service providers, youknow twenty years ago, you know Joe I'm on enough to remember. You know thisthing called a phone book. You know I do maybe I don't know, but there wasthis thing way back a hundred years ago called a phone book. You know I couldtake. That was my marketing campaign. I took an ad out in a phone book andmaybe I sponsored a little league team or you know whatever. That is aretailer that was my marketing campaign. All of a sudden, this whole Internetthing came about, so it was a plumber forest on so forth. They had to hitthis whole social media thing website. You know fifteen years ago rightmanufacturers kind of skirted it. That's t this Internet things not goingto catch us so now, unfortunately, they have to start thinking like a retailer.Almost you know so I love what you're saying and it's getting out of the boxgetting creative and how you know what you're describing all those custommanufacture is what they have. They might have a preparatory product. Theyhave a preparatory process in right there that could that prepare ourprocess. That again, that can be your kybird strategy. That's what you wantto focus on your website? That's what content that you know the magic thatyou guys perform. That's what you want to focus on. Is You know that again,just coming back to like that et twenty rule? What do you do best stay in yourstrike zone and exploit that? Let's talk a little bit more here about keyword and KYERD strategy content strategy. You know, I see the SEOlandscape changing a lot over the last few years. It's becoming I mean thesaturation of content is, like you know, increasing exponentially, it's becomingthat much more difficult to rank, and so it requires you to be a lot moreniched down and specific, and I know that I heard you talk a little bitabout. That's all I'll. Stop there what's kind of your take on where youknow Seo or search engine, optimization and content strategy fit into thisconversation yeah when you started your firm in two thousand and six thinkabout like what did Google look like back then very plain tax right, younever saw an image. You never saw a video. It was very plain right. Why didyou know now? Do a google search for flowers, shoes, a commodity right, andwhat are you going to see pictures images? Videos all in you know now it'slike man, Google, what happened well, Google now has fierce competition.Amazon is as big of a as a search engine as it is a product distribute.Think about that. You know we had a Gemman on our program. Brian back, hetalked about sixty over sixty percent of product searches begin on Amazon. Soagain, if you're manufacturer and you and you're like well, I don't do youknow Amazons at my house. You know it's at my front door every day. That'sconsumer products, goods, that's how we survive through Ovid. If you don't havesome type of a presence. I just in...

...again I know, there's a lot ofexceptions but you're really putting yourself at adisadvantage. You know when you think about that. So you know from thatstandpoint you know I can go to lengthen is now a search engine. Icould go to instagram. I can go to Pentis. That's why there's so manyimages say if you have a CNC Shop, fabricate Metal Circuit Boards and if Ido those really broad terms, you a hundred percent, you n, you know theChan, I was kid around, I don't anybody can see me. I have no hair, I'm like ifyou want to come up on first page for like CNC, machining, fabricating metal,you get a better chance to see me with hair. It's just not going to happenright, but if we did fabricating metal for turned by an engines, an aerospaceor if we did printed circuit boards with conformal coding on you know, Datate death. So what in our training again we try to you know I deal with alot of digital immigrants. You know so I'm a digital immigrant. I was born way,be o one thousand nine hundred and eighty I'm going to assume that you're,a digital native. I I'm assuming right. So I'm fifty two. So I'M A digitalimmigrant! You know, I remember you, know your parents, probably member, area track players back in a day right so for digital immigrants. It's just somuch different than for the digital nave. I act you know, so we try to keepit really simple with our with our training session, because we target alot of digital immigrants. So we've run through an example like this or rigguys. If we did a search for shoes, here's what it looks like you know:Five billion pages in Amazon Clutter clustered right. If I do running shoes,maybe it went down to like two billion, but it's still a ton of right. If I dopink running shoes now, I'm getting a little bit more specific and the searchkeeps going down not of a teenage daughter. If she's looking for pinkrunning shoes with Purple Shoe Laces Bingo, now I have a specific match andwhat we're encouraging the manufacturers to think about what areyour pink running shoes with purple shoelaces, meaning? What are yourprinted circuit boards with a specific part or a specific industry? What isyour CNC MIS machine part in aerospace for Ternin engine? You know so take it.You know a couple words further and I feel there are still tremendous soopportunities when you stretch that out, Yep and- and you know the the argumentfor lower volume, but higher quality applies here right, it's I think yousaid something about finding your soul mate with a customer, so I forgot toexactly how you phrased it, but I mean that this is what we're talking abouthere. Right, like you, serve a very specific type of customer who needs avery specific thing and the more specific you can be with the contentthat you're creating for them and the you know the the words you're using todescribe what you do and who you sell. The more like you are to attract theright people and I'd. Much rather have ten people visit. My website who fit myideal customer profile to a t than a thousand people that are couldpotentially be customers, but probably most of them aren't right. That'sexactly right and think. Like again, you have a wealth of talent on yourteam and and again I have to throw another plug at you guys. You know alot of marketers when you go out there.

You know in our space. You know we kidaround, you know were the cobbers kid with no shoes marketers that have thebad website. Bad Social presents what I love about you guys at Grillo. Seventysix, you guys don't talk to talk, you walk to walk and when you go to yourand encourage anybody listening check out, chose website. You have a greatnithe team page and I got I also, and I know I want to stay in. Of course, Iknow we have A. I want to be mindful of time. I love love of this was yeah.I've learned so much from you just in a short period of time. You guys have. Weare a team, not a family, on your website, and I absolutely love that. Ithink that is so important where sometimes people kind of you know,companies will blur that Oh we're a family. I love that you guys have thatcompetitive spirit that you you're a team and again you a lot of journalism.Folks on your team, you guys do create a ton of content. I'm sure you see youhave tons of success stories where you've nitched down into those keywords, and now, like you said, you know, you're landing four or five six figuregigs for for your clients correct. So I think it's so important on that quality.Again. Think about that shoe example, I gave like pink running shoes PurpleShoe Laces. If one of your rock stars, you know in your team, put out a greatpiece on. You know something very specific for a manufacturer and theylanded that one key word and the engineer at Boeing or laked Martinneeds that specific part or that p specific piece of machinery and yourteam put out that content, and now we met you know now. Magic happens soabsolutely were there's still tremendous opportunities formanufacturers in that space. Well, let's shift gears here for a secondyear curt. I published something recently unlinked in that stirred thepot a little and then it got got a nice response and I turned it into ournewsletter, which one out to you, fourthed manufactured people or so, andthe topic here, because I know I know you're smiling right now, because Iknow you've got a similar feelings to me on this one. I want to riff on thisa little bit, but I made the argument that you need to talk about pricing onyour website as a manufacturer specifically, and that can mean a lotof things, but I would like to hear it kind of let you kick it off here like.Why do you, assuming you agree, which I'm pretty sure you do like w t tell uswhat your take is on on? Why it's important to actually list pricing ortalk about pricing dude? I couldn't agree with you more when you, when youput that post out, I was like. I gave you a standing ovation I can. I mighthave, and sometimes when I see a really good one, that's kind of my thing. I'lldrop stand innovation. Hopefully I did that for your post, I loved it. I thinkit's personally, I think it's critical, and I know it's in a lot of folks aregoing to disagree with US totally respect that love it. You know, from myperspective, put it out there. I played football a hundred years ago, I almostsay I was good, but I had the honor I place so I'm here in New York orfootball's. You know it's not like Texas or Ohio. Some of the Power Housestates, but I played for a coach. My team was my team in particular, wasawful Epsoi, probably his worst season of his career, but we played for alegendary, legendary coach. He had like three tidles in New York state, whichwas a big deal big. You know the top...

...level schools whatever and he wouldalways preach this, and maybe this will resonate with you. He said guys whenyou break out of the huddle, you should be able to walk up to the line ofscrimmage. Tell the person, across the line from you exactly what play you'rerunning and still tick, that other person's rear end and run to play, andif you didn't it wasn't because of that moment, is what it was, because youdidn't do sprints hard enough during practice, you didn't hit the weightroom. You didn't do this this this and this, and so I you know, I'm fifty twothat was thirty over many years ago. That still has stuck with me today whenthis pricing conversation or a lot of times, people like a cul, I couldn'twhen I used to do linked in trainings like six seven eight years ago, whenLincoln was newer and they're like well, we don't want to put ourselves outthere, because what, if people, still our employees, I'm like man, that'slike a that's like hey. I don't want to have my spouse on facebook cause theremight find their promat from like. I think you have bigger issues going on.You know if you're worried about your spouse on facebook and that's a whole,so you know your. You know if you're worried about your employees in linkedin man. That's that you have bigger issues. I don't if, if I'm, comparingan apple to an apple, walk up to the line of scrimmage man, tell the personacross the line from you what player running, tell them from your price,because the thing is, if you're way out of out of league and the price, youmight be doing yourself a favor, because maybe you know that wasn't agood fit for you anyway, you know, but the thing is for the time that you'recut, but your competition needs a process that RF figure out the price ontheir own. What you're doing is you're putting your sales in your customerservice on your website. When I preach constantly my book, my training weaponare everything as a manufacturer. How can you help your ideal buyer that soulmate make a bind decision on a Friday night at midnight without having youwait for you to open up your doors on Monday, that's a competitive advantage,so I'll wrap up on that Tho. I just I love that post. I feel so stronglyabout it and I'm sure we could find exceptions or yeah you're right. Maybethat item you shouldn't, but again I talked about Bryan back earlier. He hasa book billion, a Billion Dollar Bte commerce. He has. He talked aboutCardinal Health and, like companies are putting six seven figure items, onecommerce on a website and the price is right there. So there's plenty ofprecedent to support it. If some companies feel strongly against it, Irespect it. But Man, I'm fearful of your competition, is putting it outthere that they're going to win the won the game, and that's that's just thething, and you can make this argument in so many areas of digital marketingand content like what are your customers need to make buying decisions?What information do they need? You got to put that out there and- and you know,they're- probably people listening right now, seeing well yeah, but you wesell a five hundred thousand dollar a million dollar equipment, that's allcustom and it's a year long bicycle and there's you know: There's plantmanagers involved in there's engineers and C fos and cos and procurement andthere's no nothing. You know you can't put a price on. I can't put a hundredthat this cost a hundred twenty six and dollars and fifty cents right orwhatever, but here's what you can do.

You can give a range of your product,usually costs between fifteen hundred and fifty k, set those expectations andyou're going to weed out price. Shoppers, like you said we're justgoing to waste your sales teams, time and you're going to further qualifythose who can actually afford your solution and then you know other things.You're right like explain the differences between, if you're, usuallybetween fifteen hundred and fifty k. what's the difference, what why issomething a hundred fifty versus fifty that's a great way to educate youraudience on undifferent buying decisions they could make, because,frankly, for the fifty is perfect for some people in the one is perfect forothers and they want to understand the difference and then you know, anotherthing you can do is compared to the alternative like: What's what's yourbuyer used to seeing and what's the difference, you know I one of ourearliest clients was in industrial coding manufacturer and they were youknow some of their product was being used to CODA bridge that crosses theMississippi River outside of St Louis, and they, I remember, having aconversation about total cost of ownership and how they had to kind ofbring that into their marketing because, like you, could buy this product tocoat this bridge with you know millions of Garihsa. I don't know how manygallons of paint right but Dakota a huge bridge, and it's going to last tenyears or you could buy this product and it's going to last thirty years and thetotal difference in cost there over that period of time makes it a nobrainer right unless, unless this is just a cash decision, so like you,could you could talk all day about that you're, probably having thatconversation in like in sales conversation, so do it in marketing, bethe one who educates your audience and who's going to be the first one thatthey pick up the phone and call it's going to be you right because you'rehelping them, you know what you're talking about you're, making it veryclear. So I'm just a huge advocate for making the buying process easy beingtransparent. You Create Trust that way. Just so many benefits, so dude we'reperfectly lined on that, and you know and again I just. I really admired thework that you guys do and just I love keep pounding the pavement and you it'sjust. I can't wait to see I'm so honored to kind of enter your circle. Ican't wait I'm through to be a part of this journey with you guys now I vepicked up fifteen years in and just I'm super excited is just see where youguys take the company just very exciting. Thank you going to appreciatethat was. Is there anything we did not touch on that you want to make sure wedid. We covered a tone, you know and again m throwing a lot of love. Yourway, you know, go to grilla seventy six check and you know, as as a fellow dadI just I really admire you as a dad. You know we talked about grace and Jackand I know you just had a baby charlie and just and again I'm just I'm you're,just such a good dude. I'm just really really pleased that you and I haveconnected I'm looking forward to a long relationship with you and again. Thankyou for this opportunity to be on your show today, I'm just I'm just sotouched and just thrilled of where our relationship goes and I'm very excited.Man, we're just we're very much aligned, we're going to be pounding. The pricingthing for our manufacturers and and some day will, when we get together inperson, we'll celebrate, say: Hey, look... all these manufactures and I'll putit in our price out there and me: You know, maybe you and I had a littlepiece to do with it right I like it. I like it. I think that's great well feelthank you for all the kind words I feel the same way. It's gods, it's great tocross, pass here finally, and excited to be on your upcoming webinars as well,so we'll do this will be in reverse roles here that time around so verycool, so Kurt. Can you tell our audience how they can get in touch withyou and where they can learn more about what you're doing sure yeah I live onlinkedin great place to find me, it's the. I know s a lot of curt andersonsout there, so curt Anderson be the Betail. I also a part of e commercemanagement, and so it's a cooperative for of manufacturers. We do a lot ofwork with the manufacturing extension partnerships. I do multiple linked inlives through the week and you know so. I would love to connect with anybodyout there and anybody looking for e commerce or you know, trying to helpwith this digital transformation. What we do is we work with the folks. Wewant to do it with you and then kind of you know tra, you know educate themenough. Like you said you know, I love when you're talking about teaching andeducating that, then what we do is now we're going to graduate them hand themoff to like a grill of seventy six. Now you guys are really going to bloat up,but now they can at least speak that right language with you. You know. Sothat's that's our going. That's our role in the in the process! Awesome! Ilove it. Well, there's there's a place for what you're doing for sure and Ihope hope we got the right people listening here, we'll make sure tobroadcast a message so very good. Well, I think we can put a rap on it curt. Ireally appreciate you doing this. Absolutely my privilege wish everybodytremendous success go out there. Just keep crushing it. You know, focus onyou know, connect with Joe and link in follow his content. Follow there's justso much information out there. Now you know to help educate the manufacturersyou're. Not In a you know. Here's a last message: We could wrap up with you.You know as a manufacturer, business owner, you don't remember. When youJohn First started out, you feel like you're alone you're in a silo. You knowyou're on an island. Just you know grinding. You know supply chain, laborshortage Ovid, so you know everything. There are so many resources out thereconnect with a guy like Joe Sullivan connect with your local manufacturingextension partnership. There's just a lot of resources hang out on linked incollaborate, learn enjoy and have a good time. You know it's have a littlefun, so we'll wrap up on that. I, like it good message, curt once again,thanks for doing this and as for the rest of you, I hope to catch you on thenext episode of the Manufacturing Executive. You've been listening to themanufacturing executive podcast to ensure that you never missed an episodesubscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you'd like to learnmore about industrial marketing and sales strategy, you'll find an everexpanding collection of articles, videos guides and tools, specificallyfor B to B manufacturers at grilla. Seventy sicot a worn, thank you so muchto listening until next time.

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