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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 9 months ago

Finding the Fit: How the Seller and Buyer Can Work Together so Everyone Wins w/ Ian Altman


Back in May, I wrote an article entitled Summer Reading 12 lessons from 12 books for 12 weeks. The author of one of those 12 books, Ian Altman, is my guest on this episode of The Manufacturing Executive!

A bestselling author and B2B growth expert, Ian started, sold, and grew his prior companies from zero to over $1 billion in value. He has since spent years researching how executives make decisions. Ian's modern approach has helped many businesses turn marginal growth into explosive growth and thrive where their competitors struggled merely to survive.

Ian and I talk about:

  • Why you should flip your sales message
  • The three questions you need to ask to make an informed decision
  • How to weed out wrong-fit clients
  • How to pivot away from in-person meetings during COVID-19

Resources we talked about:

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