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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 6 months ago

Creating a Well-Designed Sales Playbook w/ Kevin Roach


If you have a defined sales process, you're ahead of 50% of the manufacturing companies out there. But without one, you can't measure efficacy or deliver maximum value to your customers. Your organization will suffer.

Why is it so hard for manufacturers to draft a sales playbook? And what's the right solution to this problem?

In today's episode, I discuss creating a sales playbook for manufacturers with Kevin Roach, President at Harpak-ULMA Packaging. He's the first Gorilla 76 client I've ever hosted on the show, and I loved it!

Here's what Kevin and I talked about:

  1. Ways to align your sales process with the buyers' journey
  2. Why OEE and TCO need to be part of the sales conversation
  3. How to overhaul the way you go to market with your sales team

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