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Episode · 1 week ago

Why the Employee Bathroom Is the Key to Leadership w/ Mark Whitten


If you’ve ever been curious how well management takes care of its employees at any given organization, there is one really simple way to find out: 

Check out the employee bathroom. 

That may seem funny, but… think about it — if management can’t take care of the bathrooms, how well can they really be taking care of its employees?

That simple test is wisdom today’s guest, Mark Whitten , President & CEO at Spartanburg Steel Products , has learned over years of successful leadership in which he has lived by a maxim that seems to have fallen by the wayside: Lead by example. 

In this episode, we discuss:

-Why leaders should work alongside their employees (and keep the bathrooms clean)

-How to achieve 2.0 transformation as a leader

-How leaders in manufacturing should respond to Gen Z’s entrance into the workforce

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