The Manufacturing Executive
The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 3 months ago

Manufacturing's Past, Present, and Future w/ Jim Carr


Remember fax machines? They were going to revolutionize the way we did business. Then came dial-up modems and email. Now, our customer gives us a CAD file. We can create a toolpath in a snap.

Like technology, organizational culture has completed several revolutions in a single lifetime. The speed of those revolutions is increasing, and manufacturing transforms every five years.

What's coming next?

In this episode of The Manufacturing Executive, Jim Carr, President at CARR Machine & Tool, Inc., talks about how manufacturing is evolving in both culture and technology.

Here's what Jim and I discussed:

  1. Jim's family history in the manufacturing space
  2. The effects of culture and technology changes on manufacturers
  3. How to get everybody in your company working toward the same goals

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