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Episode · 9 months ago

Right People, Right Companies: How to Launch ABM as a Manufacturer w/ Sangram Vajare


You can market your products just about any way you want to. You can pour money into trade shows, pay-per-click campaigns, or print ads. Personally, I'm a big advocate of inbound marketing, but inbound means playing a very long game. Because of that, I advocate supplementing inbound with identifying the right people from the right companies for a special sales-plus-marketing solution.

I'm talking about account based marketing (ABM). 

Now if you want to learn about ABM, go see Sangram Vajre, author, co-founder at Terminus, and the man who sired ABM from 50,000 feet in the air. Or you can just listen to this episode of the podcast where Sangram and I talk about:

  • A solid definition of ABM
  • What intent data is and how to use it
  • Why you shouldn't treat all your accounts the same
  • How small to mid-sized businesses can apply ABM methodology

Resources we talked about:

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