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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 1 year ago

Stop Giving Away Engineering and Consulting Services for Free w/ Joe Sullivan


I did something a little different in this episode. As opposed to bringing in an outside guest and interviewing them, I did a solocast. It's just you and me talking about things I've learned while serving the industrial sector for the last eight-plus years as a sales and marketing consultant. Today, I discuss how to stop giving away engineering and consulting services for free.

Here are some of my thoughts from this episode:

  • How to package your expertise so you don't go down these long time-suck paths where you give away free insight and engineering work
  • Examples of how paid engagement can work, including a site audit, a second opinion service, a research report, and a product sample
  • An idea I call "the spectrum of value creation"
  • ...And how your buyer's mindset changes when you approach them this way (and why that's a great thing for your business!)

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