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Episode · 10 months ago

The Robots Are (Not) Coming: How Wearable Technology Augments But Doesn't Replace Human Labor w/ Tracy Hansen


Automation cannot replace human labor. Rather, the key is to augment the workforce by equipping humans with the technology they need to be more effective, more efficient, and safer.

Tracy Hansen, president of North America and global CMO for ProGlove, a German maker of wearable digital interfaces and operations analytics for industry, joined this episode of The Manufacturing Executive Show. She talked about the ways manufacturers need to pivot with technology as they look at how to emerge from this pandemic in one piece.

Here's what we discussed with Tracy:

  • How wearable solutions can augment the human worker
  • Examples of the ways wearable technology improves safety, efficiency, and productivity
  • The wearable technology solutions executives should know about
  • ...And what excessive automation looks like and how to avoid it.

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