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The Manufacturing Executive

Episode · 9 months ago

Thrilled to Be Asked: How to Build Leaders on the Frontline w/ Gayle Noakes


If we create an environment where people on the production floor can help the company be better, they're more than happy to use their knowledge to do it.

Unfortunately, many supervisors and managers have not been given the training, development, and coaching to do the job on their own or to help the company grow.

On this episode of the podcast, Gayle Noakes, a 20+ year veteran of the manufacturing industry, joined me to talk about building leaders at all levels to achieve business results.

Gayle and I discussed:

  1. Giving people the right training for their roles
  2. Creating the right balance among activities in complex manufacturing roles
  3. Whose voices we should be hearing — but often aren't — on a daily basis

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