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Episode · 8 months ago

Why Voice of Customer is Essential in Marketing w/ Dave Loomis


What is Voice of Customer? How can Voice of Customer be used to curate tailored content across your industry? Why is this important?

These are a few of the many questions answered on today’s show with industry expert, Dave Loomis.

In this episode, Joe Sullivan of Gorilla 76 speaks with Dave Loomis, President of Loomis Marketing on episode 28 of The Manufacturing Executive podcast. Our dynamic conversation covered...

  • How do you facilitate a voice of customer meeting?
  • What are the benefits of a voice of customer meeting?
  • Understanding the pain customers feel and ideal outcomes

Want more resources and information?

For more ways to serve others as an individual or business, Dave has written a book called Marketing Is Everything We Do. Dave also suggests checking out New Product Blueprinting by Dan Adams and Jobs to Be Done by Tony Ulwick.

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