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Episode · 1 year ago

You Don't Have to Blog: Content Marketing for Manufacturers That Works w/ Nick Goellner


Try describing a mechanical thing with a blog post. It's not easy. It's not the right format. But try taking a 3-D model, making it photorealistic, and then doing animations of how it works. Now, you're on to something.

So when you think about content marketing, do you think blogs, social media, and podcasts? Or do you think, "What's going to help my audience?"

On this episode of The Manufacturing Executive Show, Nick Goellner, sales and marketing leader for Advanced Machine & Engineering and managing director of Making Chips, talked about content marketing in the industrial sector.

Here's what we discussed with Nick:

  • The role content marketing should play inside a manufacturing organization
  • Why content is your job even if you are not a marketer (it's all about the function of content)
  • The reason you shouldn't be scared your competitors will rip off your content
  • The books Nick's reading this summer

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